Aw timers vs nodes

I would request with the introduction of mini bosses in tier 5 and up and new bleed immunity global node its time for kabam to get rid of the time limit for each fight. Or stop penalizing for timed out fights, if a skilled player wants to take different champions into war...( like kabam is saying is the reason they are making these changes in aw) you need to accommodate the champions that dont have the damage output and let skill take over


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    So don't take a low damage champ in?
  • Your missin the point. Kabam is saying they want us to use an array of champs but as usual its just bs they really are just trying to make champs like gwenpool and blade etc. Etc less op
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 9,824 ★★★★★
    I bring my 5/65 Blade to every war. I don't have a problem even without bleed. They aren't trying to make Blade or GP less "OP" as you call it. Its a node or 1 season then I changes to something else. Bring a female champion, they get a good boost right now.
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    i created a poll on timers the other week... it seems that the community is split on if this is a good idea or not. so dint expect kabam to change it anytime soon
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    I am like a broken record on this thing but I will repeat: 3 minute AW timers are a bad thing for the game.
  • If they increase the timers, more people will defeat the opponent
    The more people that defeat the opponent, the easier the fight is.
    The easier the fight is, the more they want to make it difficult, because, well duh.
    Boom. Now instead of a 2 minute fight in a 3 minute timer, we're in a 4 minute fight in a 5 minute timer with the top champs in the game.
  • I brought angela and amped up didnt work and i had class advantage
  • I brought angela and amped up didnt work and i had class advantage

    against who
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