5* Medusa

I just pulled a 5* medusa from basic 5* crystal and I have no awakening jem to use. So is she a god tier. And how much should I rank her up?? I would be glad if a moderator answers.


  • KngSpcKngSpc Posts: 53
    R3 is enough for all of your needs until you awaken her. I did that, then awakened her after exploring Act 5 and took her to R5. She is incredible.
  • I ranked mine up to R4 unduped. Even unduped she is very good in general and great against robots.

    I eventually awakened her and she went from very good to great.

    So really if you have no better options, have an abundance or rank up materials or are doing 5.4 anytime soon I wouldn’t hesitate.

    I didn’t regret it.
  • Amazing_Demon05Amazing_Demon05 Posts: 1,071 ★★
    u dont need a mod to answer this every one knows medusa is still god tier without being awakened

    also mods i don't think so they answer such questions about god tier stuff and rankup decisions
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