Where is kabams defender diversity???

When kabam first added defender diversity to war I’m pretty sure we can all agree it was actually one of the good decisions kabam had actually made on the downside if your ally doesn’t have the defender diversity it could cost you a war...kabam where is your defender diversity for quest???? ttxo540bt7b8.jpeg


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    Diversity is still optional. Difference is, if the Ally opts out and both sides complete the Map with full Attack Bonus, it will cost them the War. It's not mandatory. Allies will still place multiples, and there will still be strong Defenders.
    Questing is not the same.
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    I think the point the OP is making is the lack of "Defender Diversity" in the Event Quests; which frequently seem to be Emma Frost, Domino, Hyperion, Omega Red...

    Seriously has an event quest been released since Domino that didn't have her on a tricky path? I've not seen her on the Easy path in Uncollected; usually she's noded up with Biohazard or something.

    This month is a particularly stark example, since they've manage to justify this using the actual story, for those who read it:


    Three back-to-back fights against Domino and Iceman? Thanks, guys. You know how to make us happy...
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    @GroundedWisdom I know quest are different we ALL do but really @Magrailothos gets me there’s hasn’t been one eq without a domino since her release same for imiw and etc whoever else we can think of the varient mode is clearly a cash grab even though the rewards are somewhat worth it still the picture I posted above is only from chap 1 I can’t imagine what’s in chap 2/3 if they make us have diversity for aw they should have diversity for quest not 2 Emma Frost not to mention we can only use skill and mutant against her
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    The idea is to make it hard, really. Variant is meant to be extremely difficult. She's one of the newer, more challenging Champs. Quite literally, they can place who they want depending on the level of challenge they want to add. Diversity in War was a concept that's had a history. The main idea was good. It's had a few iterations, at our bequest. Then when they wanted to scrap it, we didn't want that anymore. Lol. Que sera, sera.
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    To be clearer, the iterations weren't completely the result of our asking. It was really an effort to tune it to what they wanted for it, along with our feedback.
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