Which one to rank 5

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Which one to rank 5 15 votes

Doctor voddo duped
Thebgj01HULK_BREAKwSWeaponXIl_JooOSpeedbumpSpiritSakkbanTayTay_1063ThawnimTheMageHunterAamirsymUncle_Fatty_247GarySidbutters 14 votes
Gwenpool unduped
zerogods 1 vote


  • Thebgj01Thebgj01 Posts: 227
    Doctor voddo duped
    So, I'm assuming you have 3T4 skill and 3T4 mystic.

    obviously both need to be ranked ASAP! I think voodoo would help a lot more while you're trying to gather up enough T4 basics to rank up GP. GP relies on her bleed, while voodoo is just all around more useful.

    Just my opinion :)
    Doctor voddo duped
    Every unduped champion you can have it 5s in future

    begin whit the duped one
  • ThawnimThawnim Posts: 1,275
    Doctor voddo duped
    Voodoo is the right answer. He's duped which will give him a higher prestige.
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