New Game Mode Concept. Alliance Headquarters

Alliance Headquarters

• It is a New Game Mode

• Requirements: This mode is only opened for the Alliances that have 30 members

• Design: It will be like a new map that have 30 spots for the 30 members in shape of a Pyramid!

• How it works
 It is between just 2 Alliances, like Alliance War
 It is one vs one duel, using just one character without teams in both players sides. Each player in both Alliance sides will have only one chance to prove his grounds. The winners and losers will count at the end of this mode expiration time, which will determine the winning alliance.
 Every attacker will attack just one defender per alliance. It will happen randomly, but each member will duel another alliance's member who have the same strength level or close to it.

• Alliance members Distribution:
 The final boss (The Alliance Leader), Mini bosses (The Alliance Officers) and, minions in between bosses (the rest of the alliance members). The mini and final bosses will have special buffs that will be applied in that mode only.
 Each character can be only used once during the whole day!
 Once the player put his character in the field, he can’t change him back!
 All God and Demi-God tiers are banned in this mode
 The same exact character cannot be in the map more than 1 time (2 players will not have the same exact character in the map)!

• Time Duration: Every duel (2 min), The whole mode (3 hrs)

• Time Rotation: 4 times in every Saturday and Sunday

• Rewards: The winner Alliance will take x% of the defeated Alliance’s Inventory.


  • No
  • MrMaatMrMaat Posts: 302 ★★
    edited November 2018
    so basically you are asking for alliance bases.....
    alliance raids.....

    the same thing that was canned a year ago cus they gave up on trying....

    i say no....
    i would hate to have some uber strong alliance come and steal my resources i worked hard to get....
  • Bryon_502Bryon_502 Posts: 133
    Sounds interesting
  • AmazeAmaze Posts: 53
    MrMaat, it will be Alliance vs same level or close to it Alliance game mode
  • AmazeAmaze Posts: 53
    Sorry guys for repeating my post 3 times, i didn't meant that. i thought it is a bug or something because my discussion wasn't posted immediately. if devs seeing this, please remove the extra 2 ones. Thanks
  • AmazeAmaze Posts: 53
    oh, that's was very quick :)
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