Dungeons Return November 19 - New Friendship Progression System


Dungeons return on Monday, November 19th!

This update is designed to make Dungeons more fun and co-operative, it includes revamped reward tiers, a new Friendship Progression System, new Matchmaking Rewards, a new way to get Catalyst Fragments, and we’ve even increased gold rewarded in room rewards!

If you typically have trouble clearing Dungeons, have a look at the new Dungeon Points Boosters below for more details.

Revamped Reward Tiers

Dungeon reward tiers are now based on your Champion Roster not Prestige!

We’ve implemented a much simpler system to understand, based on the number of Champions and rarity in your Roster!


PLEASE NOTE: The rewards and milestones have not changed, just the unlock criteria.

Dungeon Points Boosters

For those of you that want to accelerate your Dungeon runs, we’re introducing Dungeon Points Boosters!

Activate one of these boosts, and increase the number of points you earn from a single Dungeons run by 25%, or even 100%!

These Boosters will only last for one run, so use them wisely!


Friendship Progression

With this next Dungeons update, we’re introducing a new progression system that rewards you and your Dungeons partner for playing together, and completing Dungeons together more often!

Dungeons are one of the most social aspects of the Contest. It is a mode that requires communication, and encourages the building of relationships.

Invite a friend to play and a you work your way through Dungeons with the same partner, you gain Friendship Levels, unlocking special rewards along the way!


Friendship Levels unlock Friendship Bonus rewards.

You can earn a total of four Friendship Bonuses every time Dungeons come around, regardless of whether you earn those rewards with one friend, or four!

Every time you gain a Friendship Level with a friend, the amount of Rooms you’ll need to run together to reach the next level will increase, until you’ve gained four levels together:

Level 1 - 6 Rooms
Level 2 - 12 Rooms
Level 3 - 24 Rooms
Level 4+ - 72 Rooms

HINT: It’s easier to get all of these rewards by playing 6 rooms with 4 different friends than it is to get them all by playing with one single friend!


Now, here’s where it gets a little tricky! Every time Dungeons come around again, the amount of Rooms you need to run together to get to the next level will reset, but your friendship level will not!

For example, you and your partner have completed 42 rooms together, reaching Friendship Level 3, but you’ve run out of time this month and the Dungeon Cycle ends. The next time Dungeons start again, you will still be at Friendship Level 3, but only need to complete 6 rooms together to reach Friendship Level 4!

Rewards are dependent on your Dungeons Tier, but expect to score Crystal Shards (3,4, and 5-Star), and Friendship Crystals, which contain Gold, Artifacts, Dungeon Point Boosts, Dungeon Revives and Dungeon Potions!

As an added bonus, hitting the “Return to Lobby” button after the conclusion of a Dungeon run will place you back in the lobby with your current Dungeons partner!

Matchmaking Rewards

Like Friendship Bonuses we’re introducing new Matchmaking Rewards,

An important part of keeping Dungeons social is encouraging Summoners to play with those they don’t know!

Similar to Friendship Progression rewards, Summoners earn Matchmaking Rewards by running through Dungeon Rooms with potential new friends! You only earn 1 Matchmaking Reward per series of Dungeons, and will need to run 10 Rooms with a matched player to qualify.

Catalysts in Milestones

In addition to the new Friendship Progression and Matchmaking rewards, we’re adding Class Catalyst Fragments to Dungeon Milestones!

As well as, Artifacts and Gold, you can now find Tier 1,2,3, and 4, Class Catalyst Fragments in Dungeon Milestones!

New Dungeons Crystals

It is also time to introduce you to the new Crystals that you’ll be spending your Artifacts on! Like last time, these are only available for a limited time!


Prepare to dive back in to Dungeons!, Summoner!

Questions or Comments? Discuss the new improvements to Dungeons in the official Discussion thread!
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