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  • Tomlakes1 wrote: »
    Was looking forward to dungeons returning as have 24k saved up and was aiming for a 5* crystal. Now find that since I only have 14 5* I can only get 4* crystals. Why ? This is ridiculous. How am I supposed to progress in this game with such stupid rules. Come on Kabam. You can do better than this.

    @Tomlakes1 just run the dungeon and save up the dungeon artifacts until you get one more 5*.

    LeNoirFaineant, I have enough dungeon artefacts to get a 5* but the 5* crystals are locked as I am tier 2. Stupid system to have them locked. Hard enough to get the 27k without also having more constraints.
  • Deacon03Deacon03 Posts: 114
    when do the dungeons come back, i cant seem to find the delay time period
  • ThebgjThebgj Posts: 366
    Deacon03 wrote: »
    when do the dungeons come back, i cant seem to find the delay time period

    Kabam replied to one of posts and said that they will return towards the end of December 😔
  • MavRCK_MavRCK_ Posts: 280 ★★
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    The crystals are such low probability of getting a good character. What’s the point? Math is math. Takes forever to earn points for 1 chance per 1 crystal. Seems silly.
  • Vampi007Vampi007 Posts: 44
    After we earn all rewards for that particular dungeon by reaching peak milestone can we play further and earn more rewards?
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  • CoachLedCoachLed Posts: 319 ★★
    Looked around the forum but didn’t see any mods answer when we might see new dungeon crystals. Can anyone share something I might have missed?
  • YotzYotz Posts: 109
    They haven't been announced yet. My guess is that dungeons are coming back on Monday, as they usually return on a Monday halfway through the month, so we might see an announcement of their return and the new crystals at any point from now until then.
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