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Who should I rank up?

Any 4* would be maxed out, IMIW would go to rank 3. I currently have a maxed out medusa and Cap IW duped 4*s. Also Corvus Glaive and Wolverine X-23 unduped 5*s at rank 3. I dont have blade or star lord but these are my fave options, just dont know what would benefit me the most. Magik is good for defense and i love the power control. IMIW counters evade and had phenomenal utility, also good for defense. KM is good for dmg, defense, and utility. Help me out here folks. Thanks!

Who should I rank up? 26 votes

Magik 4* Duped
MrTicTac19992008BlackFreQuencysy_17FhfjghhggggjfhfjgPrasanna 5 votes
Killmonger 4* Unduped
SpeedbumpAnonymous346Fangmangler 3 votes
Iron Man IW 5* Unduped
Timone147Drake2078SungjIron_SkywalkerF317YouconfusedMelkerlanneroSDAATRcx23433King_GarfThatOneMasterGamersickboy9Ultimatesaber32LostReplica23Ekbizzell2rk9HULK_KingSquidDrPraneeth 18 votes


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