Rank Up or Wait?

Y'all so graciously helped me decide to make corvus my first 5* r4 a few weeks ago when I made a post. Well Kabam isn't being friendly and I'm not getting any t4 cosmic shards or cats lately. I need 10k more to be able to r4 corvus. My question is should I go ahead and take my gwenpool up to r3 while I wait? Or one of my mystics? I have a ton of 5k ISO for both classes. Or should I just be patient and wait for this last cat since r4 will take close to a million gold? I have 0 cosmic ISO right now and only a little generic. Thanks in advance! yir0u19gx3vz.jpg


  • SNEERSNEER Posts: 32
    Wait it out. 10k isn't a lot at this point
  • BonesjuniorBonesjunior Posts: 83
    SNEER wrote: »
    Wait it out. 10k isn't a lot at this point

    I guess I'm just worried about letting all that class ISO go to waste. Guess I could use the skill on corvus since I don't have any cosmic ISO and very little generic.
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