Rank Down Ticket

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I would like to suggest Kabam to grant Rank Down Ticket at least once a year for player to adjust a champion as he likes to play.
Because maybe he just rank up a champion to do monthly event at that moment.But after that, he pulls a better champ & want to rank up the new one instead of previous one.(maybe both champions are in the same class)
Some players are terribly busy to get t4bc or t4cc quickly.

Rank Down Ticket 6 votes

Let make dream come true!
TaimurKhanSuperCoolPandazHalleyScopeotoe987 4 votes
Nah, miracle never happen in this life, buddy! Wake up!
TheSpicyKnightTheSquish671 2 votes


  • Hey Halley, we already stated in THIS thread that we have no plans to bring back Rank Down Tickets. However, if that changes, we'll be sure to let you all know!
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