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Theorycrafting - Mordo vs Korg

EffectiveEffective Posts: 111
edited November 2018 in General Discussion
In Line today, we were talking about effective counters to Korg in AW. I then had the thought of using Mordo due to his mechanics.

Keep in mind, I have never tested this, so I don't know if he's an effective counter or not. I wanted to get the forum's opinion.

Now, these are Mordo's abilities that intrigue me for a Korg matchup:


Mordo could all but negate Korg's sp1 with his ability to block unblockables and energy resistance.

Also, Mordo's Soul Barb (sp2) would wreak havoc on Rock Shield.

Thoughts? Is this plausible?


  • EffectiveEffective Posts: 111
    He could block Korg's specials but his SP2 doesn't affect his Rock Shield since it's passive

    I thought Rock Shield was an active charge which is why DV is good against him? So, his charges can't be nullified except with Armor Break?
  • EffectiveEffective Posts: 111
    Just looked. You are right.
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