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Iron man iw

Guys i find his autoblock completely annoying i have never defeated him in aw as a boss .sometime i feel coc have made him insanely strong as compared to other players.
Do anybody knows how to counter him as aw boss
Please help


  • RajutedaRajuteda Posts: 565 ★★
    Void is the man..let those debuffs degen him
  • ShrimkinsShrimkins Posts: 1,479 ★★★★
    Literally any champ can easily defeat him.
  • The_OneThe_One Posts: 2,936 ★★★★
    Bait heavy and counter with your own, practice in a duel against wick2.0 and you'll get it
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 3,929 ★★★★★
    edited November 2018
    Some good stuff above; just ignore the people saying 'anyone can do it': IMIW is an absolute pain to fight because that's exactly what he was designed to be (so, credit to the designers).

    It's not just the Autoblock. It's the Autoblock plus the bleed immunity, resistance to power drain, reduced Offensive power gain; unparryable, unevadeable plasma attacks, Unblockable SP1, passive power gain...

    He's a pain.

    He can't Autoblock heavy Attacks reliably, although he can in AW/AQ/Arena with the Stand Your Ground Mastery.

    Ability Accuracy Reduction is useful for you - Black Widow, Crossbones, Kingpin (who has a handy Unstoppable heavy attack). Taskmaster would be a high-skill option.
    Electra will not work for this!
    Sabretooth with synergy can also bypass Autoblock.

    True Strike can't be Autoblocked; so champion options include Corvus, Karnak, Heimdall, Killmonger, Cable, Champion and Venom (now a brilliant counter for that last 15% Sig ability).

    He needs armour to use his Autoblock - champions with good armour break are good options; like Medusa (but try to avoid shattering his armour, as then you can't break it any more!), Thor and Corvus. Or Awakened CAIW, with a cosmic friend (who can also bypass Autoblock with his SP1).

    Void does his thing without touching Iron Man, if you have him.

    Finally, no-one has mentioned Proxima; who can bypass Autoblock when completing missions; and also can actually parry the guy. She's a good (but not unerring) counter both to him and to Domino, who has the same unparryable mechanic.

    As regards tactics, I'd suggest a bit of research on YouTube and Reddit; but using a Heavy Intercept is a recognised strategy; don't bother with Parry, and practice interfering the guy's dash attack.
  • GamerGamer Posts: 8,733 ★★★★★

    Are all pretty good counters to him. If you have any of the above champions, I'd practice with them against an IMIW Duel... & your very likely to improve against him.

    Ghost wont works in duel he wuld stil auto blok he sp but if u ikow hav to overkom the danmge just dash back when he use hervy and. Then use sp2. U wuld win.
  • ShrimkinsShrimkins Posts: 1,479 ★★★★
    edited November 2018
    just ignore the people saying 'anyone can do it'

    Anyone can do it.
  • IAMSHAZAM215IAMSHAZAM215 Posts: 45
    Killmonger is a beast against him
  • Ezra7676Ezra7676 Posts: 643 ★★
  • WelderofortuneWelderofortune Posts: 527 ★★
    Venom is hands down the best counter, what do you need to get past IMIW easily, armor break, and true strike. Venom has a armor break on heavy hits and true strike down where it counts. He also is immune to power drain/burn effects of tech champs. He also has one of the best sp2s around can not go wrong with venom.
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