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Who to rank up?

So I was away from this game when kabam messed up with 12.0, but now I'm back to just to pass some time.. so with all the changes since then I don't know which champ is better than the other so help me suggest who to rank up guys.

Who to rank up? 17 votes

4* Scarlet Witch sig51 to r5
SUBHDuke_SilverThecrusher_9756AanthosimolazSDPJayCeesy_17FhfjghhggggjfhfjgNeoDazarasRockypantherxAmazing_Demon05TreyMoss2016Wakanda4Ever278PrasannaMaatttyy 16 votes
4* Ms Marvel(cosmic) Sig37 to r5
5* Black Panther undup to r3
4* Black Panther sig38 to r5
4* Magik undup to r5
4* Crossbones undup to r5
Melkerlannero 1 vote


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