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Please Undo Daily Expert Boss Nerf

The old boss was tough - a challenge proportionate to the benefit of taking a second path. One that I didn't always succeed in.

Now, the boss is the same as that on the easy path, but this makes the hard path no harder than that for Basic T4CC. This doesn't make sense given that Class catalyst is meant to be for higher levels of progression.


  • CassyCassy Posts: 1,033 ★★★
    t5CC Shards foreshadowing :o
  • MorosophMorosoph Posts: 100
    Cassy wrote: »
    t5CC Shards foreshadowing :o

    I'm all for this, just as I favour an Epic key, but access to tougher material is different from nerfing the existing material. It doesn't have to be what side you're on, if you're on the side of steady game progression.

    Perhaps this will be solved another way, with redistributed benefits, and a third, harder path?
  • MorosophMorosoph Posts: 100
    Just took out the hard path with a single champ. It used to be touch and go with all of them. Not only is the boss heavily nerfed, but the rest of the fights are far too easy. Please restore the original difficulty.
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