What is this? I’m not liking what I’m seeing here



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    Maybe someone already mentioned this, but running these quests deliver less t2c. Right?

    They do. They give minuscule amounts.
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    I was rolling
    Whoa whoa, let's slow down for a second. No need to get Santa involved!

    Remember those Offers that used to pop up every now and again after completing a run of the Daily Quest? They've been in game for quite some time now, and would give you a chance to purchase the Class Catalyst from the Daily Quest in exchange for units.

    Those have been improved upon, and instead of offering the exact class catalyst corresponding with the Daily Quest, it now allows you to select the class, for the same unit cost!

    These aren't new, just improved!

    I was rolling on the floor laughing on seeing this reply @Kabam Mike how you got desperate with Santa's involvement....... surely this was respect for santa also from me too...but I think @1haunted_memory was just kidding.....😂
  • It's like you're just now figuring out that Kabam price gouges the heck out of all their offers. Haha.

    But hey at least you get a choice of what class. That's a step in the right direction. Helps make the RNG not so brutal. Now if they would just do that for resources people actually need...
  • Kabam making a horrible rip off of an offer? No way?!
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