**Mastery Loadouts**
Due to issues related to the release of Mastery Loadouts, the "free swap" period will be extended.
We have not set an end-date for the new period, but we will update this banner when we have more information.


Looking for some reliable people to run dungeons with I keep hitting random and basically clearing the first room solo then having to quit! Kabam should really tweak the “find a partner” option maybe make it so the “partner” has a team close to yours not just hit the same dungeon as me lol or make it so when you do find a partner you end up in a lobby together not just thrown into a dungeon so that you can talk make sure they communicate and help to ensure you aren’t both bringing the same class champs or something. Arrrgggghhhhhh! Lol rant over if anyone wants to run some add me! BigFnMike93
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