New Game Mode Concept, World Rival (Time to Farm Gold!)

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World Rival

• It is a New Game Mode

• How it works:
 It is a brand-new mechanic of dueling to the game.
 In this mode, the player will be facing one main “villain”, but with “assistants” in the same duel. In the player’s side, he will be using one main “hero” with “one assistant”. That main villain will be a leader (Example: Thanos, Apocalypse, Red Skull, ……) and his assistants will be his followers (Example, The Black Order, The 4 Horsemen, The Cabal, ……).
 In the beginning, the duel will be between the player’s hero and that leader. When certain buff or debuff applied on any side in certain situation, the leader will switch with one of his followers to take his place. Same thing with that follower too, he can switch back with his boss in certain conditions. In the player’s side, he can switch between his chosen 2 heroes in anytime he wants, unless there is debuff applied from the opponent stop him from doing so.
 To win this battle, the player must defeat the leader and his minions
 The Player’s Team criteria
 All of this team’s characters are just heroes
 In each duel of this mode, He must use 2 heroes have a synergy between them.
 His team will still have 5 heroes, but he will use 2 in the same duel
 The Opponent’s Team criteria
 As I said, the player will be facing one of “Leaders and His Followers” at once (Example: “Thanos & his Black Order”, “Apocalypse & his 4 Horsemen”, …………)
 The Health Bar of each Follower will be half of his Leader

• World Guardian: The same Concept of World rival, but the opposite. The player will use just Villains against one main hero leader and his followers. Example: Ironman and the Avengers, Hulk and team of Smash, Star Lord and Guardians of the Galaxy, ……….

• Time Duration: Timeless

• Time Rotation: None

• Rewards:
 This game mode will be a great place for farming gold
 As this game will be very hard like “back issues variant difficulty”, from each duel in this mode, the player will get 10K-100K gold
 The player can repeat this mode as much as he wants, and each time will get the same rewards, Gold!


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    What do you guys think about this ?
    i know it is weird little bit, but it is an interesting idea in my opinion
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    Anyone ?!
  • I’d enjoy it myself! There’s so much content being released now it might be a bit of a wait though.
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    You can participate in this mode while you fighting in the other modes, but the used characters are locked until u finish it. It is very small map, but the duel/battle itself is very intense
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