LOL team?

This is for my first run, the easy path. Definitely taking Star Lord, and then Hyperion R4/55 for Maestro. But should I also bring Magik R4/55 duped for WM & Magik? Then I only have 2 slots for synergy? Or should I leave Magik and have three slots for synergy? Who should be the synergy? Who should my team be?
Thanks for taking they time to read my post and help out.

LOL team? 7 votes

Take Magik, 2 synergy slots
Spity68ace930999InfineightMidnite93 4 votes
Leave Magik, 3 synergy slots
ArcDeAngelusHeadrollerSPIDERMANANTMAN 3 votes


  • Sorry posted it in the wrong section
  • Haji_SaabHaji_Saab Posts: 2,386
    edited November 2018
    Is your SL 5* rank 5? if not, then he needs at least 3 people for synergies.
  • Yes he is 5/65
  • Hyperion also needs 4 slots for synergies. So I dont think that will work. You can just chance it on Maestro with SL and quit when the regen procs. Magik needs 17%, so you will need to play around with attack synergies.
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