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Gold 1 really needs to be reevaluated.

HaminHamin Posts: 2,444 ★★★★★
There is no way these two alliances should receive the same season's rewards. The difference between the upper part of g1 to the lower part of g1 is world's apart.



  • Visual bug...
  • HaminHamin Posts: 2,444 ★★★★★
    xNig wrote: »
    .... you’re in gold 1 and you searched for that alliance right? It’s a bug.

    I didn't search. I clicked a profile.

    So yeah... I checked leaderboards.

    False alarm.

    My bad.
  • If you're not aiming for plat 3, you can easily get in gold 1 chilling wars, spending glory on T2A or T4B, getting rewards similar (Or better) than p3, etc.
  • SidDDragonSidDDragon Posts: 1,176 ★★★
    Please correct me if I am wrong but I don't think an alliance with 800 rating can be in gold 1..my alliance has a rating of around 1800-2000 and we are in high gold 2 or low gold 1
  • Thanos_CarThanos_Car Posts: 298
    This is definitely the glitch. Your ally is probably in gold 1. Whatever place your alliance is in it shows on everyone else profiles. For example, my ally is in gold 2. Every profile I click on shows gold 2 but you have to click go to alliance to see their actual placement.
  • MrMaatMrMaat Posts: 302 ★★
    also too... an alliance can have a high tier and a high war rating but only play 1 or 2 bg wars and only play one or 2 a week so would end up gold quite easily.
    impossible for an ally ith a war rating of 868 to get gold 1.
    my ally is in t10 atm... our war rating is currently 1300.
    we have climbed up winning 7 of our 9 season wars so far and are 800 gold 2....
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