Who should I use for beating Act 4 Maestro?

5* Gwenpool 3/45
4* Luke Cage 4/45
4* Void 4/45
4* Cap IW 4/45
4* Void 4/45
4* Corvus 4/45
4* Medusa 4/45
4* X-23 4/45 Awakened
4* Blade 4/45

Any suggestions are welcome!




  • Anyone. Seriously, i just completed it.
    You shouldn't have a problem with those champs in your roster.
  • Any of those, if you can consistently evade his Sp1... but that 5* GP would probably be your MVP.
  • KpatrixKpatrix Posts: 911
    How do you have a 4/45 4* ? Seriously, any champ will do, but gwenpool is probably best
  • Seriously, any of those. But 4* champs go to 4/40, not 4/45.

    Gwenpool, Corvus, X23, Blade. He's honestly not that hard. And I suck.
  • SweatlipSweatlip Posts: 163
    Leave arc up and void is prob ur easiest bet
  • Thanks for the help!
  • B_Dizzle_01B_Dizzle_01 Posts: 1,004
    Curious how 4*s are 4/45
  • With that roster you should have beat maestro long ago
  • With that roster you should have beat maestro long ago

    with that roster he should be able to one-shot maestro long ago
  • SweatlipSweatlip Posts: 163
    Why cant people just help others without feeling the need to make comments like you should of done a long time ago? Lol.
  • I had X23 as one of my first rank 5/50 4*s doing most of the work against maestro. Just do your damn best to get him to L2 fast and bait his L2 because it's way easier to evade. If you use either wolverine though, do not use any specials, keep your power full and you will get the most out of your regen procs. Using this strategy, you will destroy the maestro fast.
  • Maestro is easy just dodge the sp1
    May need a healblocker for the arc overload IM.

    It is really easy especially just for completion
    Many people, myself included, did it with a handful of 4/40 3 stars and 3/30 4 stars.
  • I used Quake
  • I used a 1* vision

    And 500,000 revives
  • I’m just trying to get past chapter 2 on act four
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