Incoming Bug Fixes: Ultron’s Assault, Hulk (Ragnarok)


We are preparing to roll out a few changes and fixes that affect the Ultron’s Assault Variant Difficulty, as well as one general Champion fix:

- Champions will no longer take damage on the same strike that procs the Fatigue Debuff from the “Gassed” Buff. This will give players more agency to play around the Buff.
- Fixed an issue where the Nano-Plague Buff was able to cause shock on Poison Immune Champions that are not Robots.
- Fixed an interaction between Hulk (Ragnarok) and MODOK on the Starburst node that was causing the game to crash after using Hulk (Ragnarok)’s Special 1.
- Fixed an issue where Hulk (Ragnarok) would Regen health from "Face Me" when he is Indestructible, even when not taking damage.

We are aiming to have these fixes out later today, and will update you all when the fixes are live.


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