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Double or Nothing

There’s been tons of times playing a video game - not even MCOC, but ANY video game - and I’ll lose to a boss or some useless scrub. First thought/thing I say?

Damn.. I gotta run that again.
I want a do-over.

I’m willing to bet (4shadow.jpg) that many, if not most, of the players would impulsively hit a “Double or nothing?” button if offered the chance. It only doubles the fight’s actual rewards, not completion or exploration rewards, but I’d do it just cause I’m tired of saying “that was a fluke” and not being able to prove it.

How much would it cost? I have no idea. Maybe double whatever it costs for a single revive (so 80 units I think). I’m but a lowly empty-pocket above average veteran... so I’d say 100 units would be a clean number to choose (Kabam would probably do something more sinister... and I would still hit that button).

So, Kabam Overlords, in a season(ing) of giving thanks, eating enough to put fear in pants buttons’ hearts, and being grateful, I come to you with an idea to add more to what we already have; an idea to allow you to be more gluttonous and devour the whale wallets; an idea that will test my betting skills and undoubtedly have me doubling the verbal abuse hurled at this game you have created.

...so, in other words, a win-win-rage quit and come back situation. So, let’s get this done! Double or nothing button! Give us a second chance so we can show our resolve!

It’s my Christmas wish. Thanks.

Positivity and blessings to you
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