Alliance Wars Season 6 - Global Buffs and Date [Updated for Clarity]

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As we near the end of Season 5 of Alliance Wars, we have taken some time to look back and reflect on the effects of the Bleed Immunity and Amped Up nodes that we implemented for the Season’s length.

We’ve been using these Buffs as a starting point for what next season’s Buffs are going to be, and have been working to improve upon the idea of Global Buffs. However, after conversations amongst the team, as well as with select Summoners, we do not believe that these Buffs are ready for implementation this upcoming Season.

Although they could be completed in time for Season 6, this would not give you all enough time to prepare for them, and make educated decisions about the future, which is a priority for us.

Season 6 will only have a 1 week off season, and will commence on December 5th. Prepare your Alliance, Summoners!
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