About hacked accounts

I've seen the case of someone having a problem because his account being hacked.

Problem is that MCOC unlike MMORPG games doesn't have something that makes your account great other than your champions. Of course you could have some levels and some masteries unlocked but they mean **** compared to the weight of your roster and having the right champs ranked up.

In any MMORPG of course that coins or whatever currency is very important, but more important are the level of your skills, and also there're some ways to protect your resources, like a PIN when you're going to do a massive crazy transaction.

My suggestion is that Kabam could have that implemented here, if you want to sell a champion, that is something really uncommon, ask for a PIN, like a second checkup. Because a god level account in any MMORPG even if it is emptied worth something, a god level account in MCOC even being a Legend, if emptied worth absolutely nothing.

I understand that being hacked and getting your units, gold, BC and crystals would be a great shock. But taking your champs, is just a termination of your days playing the game.

Kabam should have this kind of security if it doesn't have other kind of countermeasures against this kind of incidents or if it is not willing to effectively help in other ways. Accounts are very important to us, the players, they are build with money and/or tons of hours and effort dedicated to the game and trust in the company that runs the game. And taking the necessary measures to not let this kind of things happen is a way to take care of us, the customers ... ergo the business.

P.D.: I know that there're always people trying to exploit the system and trying to somehow get some benefit from every precedent out there, but it isn't fair that always innocents pay for the sins of others.


  • VandalSavageVandalSavage Posts: 267 ★★
    How many people had their accounts hacked?

    Of those that were "hacked", how many were actually sharing passwords?

    Among those that were supposedly not sharing passwords, why would someone spend the effort of developing a script to hack into an MCOC account? What would they gain by doing this? Are they making money for each hacked account? Are they doing it for the pleasure of selling someone else's heroes?

    In other words, is it worth the effort to code in a 2-factor authentication type method for selling heroes?

    And what about players who do want to sell heroes (e.g. 2-stars to get 3-star shards, etc)? Should they be inconvenienced simply because other people are not too careful with their passwords?
  • NoobeeusNoobeeus Posts: 332
    Regardless of how an account is hacked the ability for a tech company making games to implement a refresh from the last maintenance should be easy.

    Seriously if something has happened you get a 1 off chance at an account restore.

    Not if you pop a feature 5* and want your shards back but for champs only.
  • Mainer123Mainer123 Posts: 373 ★★
    That's fine as long as they help out the few people that get hacked. Not do the normal kabam sorry your screwed have a nice day
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