Kabam wtf.....

muddy17muddy17 Posts: 47
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Not sure if anyone else is having these issues... but this is getting really irritating....

First its the cpu's cheating on the harder modes.. im currently playing master on the event quest. The computer will do a heavy attack and a special at the same time... and its very irritating.. i thought at first maybe its just the animation bug.. but then as i progressed more in to the map, the same thing keeps occurring the computer will charge a heavy attack and then do its special..... please fix this issue... or prepare to lose another loyal player


  • FizicystFizicyst Posts: 43
    You also have to love when you evade the AI heavy attack and rush in for a combo only to meet a special! Or when you are in the middle of a combo and the AI recovers into a block for the rest of the combo.
  • muddy17muddy17 Posts: 47
    Yeah ur right.. i did lol.... damn shame tho... no response yet....smh
  • Gari90Gari90 Posts: 46
    They intentionally ignore such threads.
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