7.2 mil Alliance we want you!

We are a 7.2 million alliance looking for a few strong and active Summoners that are map 5 ready. You should have at least 2 5\50 4* champs and 9 4/40 4* champs we run map 55554 in aq but when we find the right people we will go to map 5 all week we are a fun and chill alliance and we all help each other when needed. Our donations are gold-135K B.C. 30K and Loyalty 12.5K we are an AQ focused alliance but we run 3 wars a week and are in tier 3-4 If you are interested in joining us contact me on line ( line is required) my line I.D. is cccar142017 we look forward to having you in our alliance. Thank you for your time.
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