Arena brackets

I’m sure this has been posted but I don’t see it so I’ll start the discussion again.

This game has been around a while, therefor you’re going to get a wide range of players from very strong (6*) strong (5* mainly) medium (4* mainly) to weak (3* and below).

Is it fair that 3* based accounts are competing against people with 4x 6* characters in 3-4* arenas?

If you’re a higher player I’m sure you don’t care but for people who didn’t start day 1 and have maybe 1-2 5* characters and got bad rolls what’s the real incentive to do arenas when players who have been around for years will put forth an hour of playing time compared to 5-6 hours of playing time of smaller guys because they’re in the same bracket and still get higher rewards?

A very simple solution, a bracket system where let’s say
0-100k compete against each other...
100-200k compete against each other...

Needless to say I look up #100 constantly and they’re always a 300k+ player, what’s the point in competing when a person spends 1/5th the time in the competition cause their characters are higher, it’s like a high school football team playing a pro team... they only need to play the 4th quarter to win, it just doesn’t make sense.
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