Just removed dexterity and replaced it and am now having trouble evading special attacks where as I wasn't before is this a bug or lag in the game or another frame rate problem. Any help would be appreciated


  • LiamS1990LiamS1990 Posts: 87
    It could be just a bad few fights but it's just strange I'm being hit by easy to evade special attacks
  • Thecrusher_9756Thecrusher_9756 Posts: 624 ★★★
    You need dex to evade attacks...
  • LiamS1990LiamS1990 Posts: 87
    I know I removed it and replaced dexterity and couldn't evade attacks, I regularly alter my masteries for champs or certain nodes but this time I found dexterity wasn't working, it could be a bug or it could be I mistimed multiple special attacks from numerous champions projectiles one after the other for hours. In multiple content.
  • will-o-wispwill-o-wisp Posts: 7,241 Guardian
    edited November 2018
    You need dexterity to evade projectile attacks ... That always was te case
  • LiamS1990LiamS1990 Posts: 87
    I placed dexterity back on and it wasn't working that's what I'm saying
  • LiamS1990LiamS1990 Posts: 87
    It was a glitch I removed and 're installed the game and it started working like normal. Maybe it didn't register the first time and could be a bug.
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