5* Vulture vs 4* Ghost vs 4* Ultron

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I have a couple T4 tech cats expiring soon an am debating my options for ranking. Not particularly thrilled with any of them because I already have a good 5* attack team, but my thoughts are as follows:
*Vulture is a 5*, which is where the game is headed. (Other 5* options are OG Ironman, HB, or CW)
*Ghost is supposedly god-tiered, but I don't have any experience using her.
*Ultron may be the most helpful with Biohazard nodes in Act 5, but IMO is otherwise a weak & outdated champ.

Trade them in is a possibility as well, but am max capacity on 3 other classes.

5* Vulture vs 4* Ghost vs 4* Ultron 12 votes

5* Vulture (unduped)
4* Ghost (unduped)
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4* Ultron (sig40)
Powroti 1 vote
Trade the cats


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