T2 Alphas expiring. Who to rank up?

So I have 2 t2 alphas in my stash and I need someone to rank up. I don’t have very many good 5 stars so these are really the only options

T2 Alphas expiring. Who to rank up? 19 votes

Gladiator Hulk (unduped)
zuffyJohnyzeroTriasEUHelicopter_dugdugdugLostReplica23 5 votes
Dormammu (unduped)
ChampioncriticYamaha_Yamaso 2 votes
IW Cap to r2 then try to get 4 more science t4cc
KpatrixSpiderCoolsDuke_SilverAanthoCupiddfmoore26PaytoPlayFhfjghhggggjfhfjgMidnite93Elbow_FlabDr_Taint24Schmittonyou2 12 votes


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