Gifting Event 2018

I've seen a couple posts asking if there will be a gifting event for 2018. I'd guess there would be.. my question is about when it will start.. 2016 it started on the 20th and 2017 it started on the 18th. I realize it might be a little early for anything official to be stated.. but would like to have an idea how far off it is.. If it's going to be starting earlier than usual i'll hold off variant/EQ as to gift pots/refills.. if it's later i'll get started on EQ when it drops and some variant before hand..


  • Avengers320Avengers320 Posts: 517 ★★
    there will be a gifting event, in the greater gifting crystal there will be 5 star thanos/kang and 5 star AGs
  • Doomsfist79Doomsfist79 Posts: 322 ★★
    I know there will be .. my question is when it will start..
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