The “forgotten” gods of defense

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A fellow forum poster brought this to my attention. We all mourn Strange, Fist, and even OG Thor (to an extent)… but to think we’ve overlooked their opposites is something that I’m surprised even myself has overlooked.

The days before IronMan infinity war I remember 2 other stark-tech suits that were relatively decent defensive options at least for annoyance. And yet, 1 further unholy machination that tore through unprepared attackers as a war boss.

Iron Man
Superior Iron Man
MCU Ultron

I’m not suggesting anything massive as Ultron still manages a cheap kill if his evasion sneaks up on the unsuspecting victim and his role as a double immune with sustain has always held him in high regard as a quest runner.

However, the other 2, they have fallen through the cracks. Further toss Iron Patriot in there as for all intensive purposes he was a discount iron man with stun.

I’d personally like to Iron man get some sort of Arc enhancement. Nothing too fancy. Maybe add repulsers in the first light attack and make his heavy attack an unstoppable arc burst that can stun once every 10 seconds. Perhaps even using using a system similar to Miles where his special attacks can have different effects depending on the enemy’s class.

Superior Iron Man… well I could actually see an overhaul for him. Immunity to power lock/drain/burn, multi hitting special attacks inspired by Cyclops, Spider-Man classic, or even similar to Yellowjacket’s Sp2 animation. Make him a better annoyance for unblockable nodes. I’d even add in some shock as that’s one of the few abilities outside a psionic link and a liquid metal structure tang we're sure the suit has

Lastly iron patriot. Let me be clear, this is the same man who made the Goblin tech except he’s more sane and more cunning. As much as one would expect the Infinity War Iron Man to fight HARD, is how we should expect Patriot to fight DIRTY! I’ve yet to actually delve into the character for inspiration on his champion design yet he’s the kind of person to (and I’m not even joking here) FEED VICTOR VON DOOM TO THE VOID IN FRONT OF HIS DARK AVENGER TEAM! By all accounts he should be a conniving, dirty, and ruthless fighter who will do what he can to ensure that he gets his own way.


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    Iron patriot is intimidating! ...does his fancy twirl not scare you...?
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    Maybe have Iron Patriot exploit weaknesses for extra damage. For example if the opponent has armour break maybe his l1 can do extra damage or guaranteed crit. L2 if the opponent is fatigue or weakened, he'll take advantage of that. A hit them while they're down type of thing.

    Superior iron man needs different animations and buffs/debuffs... He's supposed to be "superior" to his other armors. In all honesty IMIW is the most "superior" of all of the iron men.
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