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Strange rank up dilemma

I have an awakened 4* r4 40/40 Carnage and a 5* r2 35/35 Iceman. At the moment, I have the resources to max my Carnage and I am in the process of collecting catalyst fragments to r3 my Iceman(I have 2 t4 Mutant cats and am short of nearly 19k catalyst fragments before I get a 3rd catalyst)(the process of t4 Mutant catalyst fragment collection for me is painfully slow, even after I have been playing the game for more than a year) , I'm a lvl. 44 player with a prestige of 3.4k. So, should I

Strange rank up dilemma 17 votes

wait till I form the 3rd catalyst,and then r3 Iceman
SnakeEyes69TrimbobTonyStarkAlex13369StucatDragonFire2JayBird_IsTheWordMrTicTac19992008AMChive2CoachLedBeatleraoRfmn10Shoman343RichS816CardiganBlue 15 votes
or,just r5 Carnage right now
Darkrider05DragonsniperRhQ 2 votes


  • Blasthammer4Blasthammer4 Posts: 48
    Twill be appreciated if you clarify why you voted for the option you voted for.
  • RichS816RichS816 Posts: 44
    wait till I form the 3rd catalyst,and then r3 Iceman
    I voted for iceman since a five star gets a bonus against lower star rated fighters and has a higher upside potential to grow to higher levels. He’s also does automatic cold snap damage and has ice armor for big hits. Carnage, even after his recent changes, just doesn’t offer as much on offense or defense.
  • DragonFire2DragonFire2 Posts: 181
    wait till I form the 3rd catalyst,and then r3 Iceman
    Iceman has triple immunity, ability to ignore evade, and it’s a 5* game now
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