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Heavyweight in New event

I personally think we should be able to take it one path at a time and not all at once there is many problems with it being all at once having to leave in the middle of it to join AQ and this quest is to hard to leave in the middle after so much work


  • JayCeeJayCee Posts: 732 ★★
    You can
  • Epsilon3Epsilon3 Posts: 1,138 ★★★
    JayCee wrote: »
    You can

    Oh NO YOU CAN’T!

    The second part of the Tryco challenge forces you to take ALL 6 LINES at once. One way in, one way out, one way to claim rewards
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 36,231 ★★★★★
    It's part of the added difficulty.
  • MrTicTac19992008MrTicTac19992008 Posts: 572 ★★
    And they have made Chapter 1 a lot easier for people.
  • Sairam44Sairam44 Posts: 474
    Pls make it 2 paths pls for a player like I am not scared of difficulty I am scared of running out of hp I don't have potions so pls make it 3paths at least next time
  • I hate I have to 100% the last quest but you can't change kabam's idea on an event that is out for like 2 weeks
  • D_S_D_S_ Posts: 159
    would be nice if you could change it @Kabam Miike
    They wont change it. They made the first chapter easy so that more people could finish it, but made the second chapter insanely more difficult. That's why the title you get for beating it is "Cream of the Crop"
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