Clash buff/debuff reapplying bug

Last night I did a few test runs in chapter 2 of the Clash. While fighting Hyperion with the Hood, I noticed sometimes when stagger would nullify his power gain another would reappear immediately. Other times it would show up “power gain, staggered, power gain, staggered” and “power gain, power gain, staggered, staggered” all at once. I also noticed when fighting Void with Domino that once his presence applied and I removed it with a 10th hit, another would immediately reapply despite his timer being full and not having thrown an sp1. Iceman also reformed ice armor immediately after a parry from Corvus, while still stunned.

I don’t have any videos or screenshots yet but I’ll try and catch one when I go in again.

I know Juggernaut had/has a thing where his Unstoppable buff would reapply immediately after being nullified or staggered, but why is it happening with those 3 champs?
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