Tips and suggestions for my main 16 champs.

I am trying to get 16 champs to 5/50 or 3/45 so I have 5000+ champs in all modes of the game.
So far I have 8 champs at these ranks, with 3 soon to follow.
I am trying to decide what champs will round out my team best.
Below I listed my top picks, but any other suggestion would also be welcome, just means I have them lower, didn`t consider them. Or don`t have them yet.
(d means dupe, the number is the stars they have)
1. Archangel (4d)(aw atk)
2. Ghostrider (4d) (aq)
3. Electro (4d) (aw def)
4. Stark Spidey (4d) (aw atk)
5. Venom (5) (aq)
6. Cyclops (5)
7. Crossbones (5)(aw atk)
8. Red Hulk (5) (aq)

Champs that I am already planning (after 4/55 venom)
9. Guillotine (4)
10. Domino (4) (aw def)
11. Vision AOU (4d)

Below is a list of champs I thought of myself. If you see a role that is missing in my current roster could you please tell me and suggest another champ.

Killmonger (4d) (aw def)
Hyperion (4) (aw def)
Cap IW (4)
Hawkeye (4d)
Modok (4) (aw def)
Gwenpool (4d)
Storm (4d)
Docter Voodoo (4d)
Vulture (4d)
Psylock (4d)
Loki (4d)
Luke Cage 94d)
Proxima (4)
Blade (4)
Starlord (4d)
Kang (4)(just because)
Hulk Ragnarok (4)
Ghost (5) (really don`t understand what the fuss is about)
Carnage (5)
(Sadly no Magic or Iceman, maybe soon.)

I will also have a 4 star generic awakening crystal soon if that might change the suggestion.
Thank you all for your help.
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