Casual ally looking for a players with a real life outside the game!

If you’re looking for a chill alliance where we realize that everyone has a life outside the game, [1701E] 501st Battlestar Serenity is the place for you!

We currently have a few available spots, but with a good core of people still with us (average rating 469K!), it’s perfect for a group of friends who would like to move together!

More than anything, Serenity is a cool place to hang out, chat, have fun, berate bad pulls, celebrate good ones and get some decent rewards while, again, not denying the fact you have a life outside the game.

We have no hardcore requirements, but need our members to be active and contribute to AQ. No minimums for specific events, just be active and have fun! Small Donation requirements, numbers that anyone can easily achieve without stress. Again, the goal is to have fun as a group. The chat on LINE is fun, it’s a great bunch of people.

We used to run AQ map 5-4-3 daily before losing a few members and are now running maps 4-4. We do want to get back to map 5 very soon! We consistently hit milestone 12/13 SA (every week, not holding). Again, we ask for participation in AQ at the very least.

We use the LINE app for communication and organizing AQ. LINE is required for acceptance into the Alliance. Looking for at least 140k+ rating

Contact me by commenting here, or at FrogMan in game or qcfrogman on LINE.


  • I'm interested, 5k prestige 200k rating. You still got spots?
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