Just a question for the forum

This is mostly just asking the mods something i have wondered for a while. Will lvl 3 revives ever become apart of the ingame store to buy using units? Its something i do hope to see someday soon since i know me for one would love to be able to buy the lvl 3 revives instead of the lvl 2 revives since now a days the content is getting harder and the champs we fight against have gotten into a higher range meaning we end up having to buy a revive and then health potions ontop of it. I just think it would make it easier for summoners and faster sincethe lvl 3 revives health champs a decent amount. Not saying make them cheap but just as a option for people who would like it better.
Lol hey i might not be right its just something i wanted to express


  • SungjSungj Posts: 1,918 ★★★★
    You can grind an infinite amount of lvl 3 potions from ROL. I saved over 100 lvl 3 potions from farming when I did my initial LOL clear
  • Darrellz2161Darrellz2161 Posts: 82
    My whole point is adding lvl3 revives to ingame unit store. Not really the potion aspect
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