As previously announced, the team will be distributing an additional point toward milestones to anyone who completed the Absorbing Man fight in the first step of the Winter of Woe.
This point will be distributed at a later time as it requires the team to pull and analyze data.
The timeline has not been set, but work has started.

Marvel Contest of Champions Changelog

Hey folks! Here is the shiny new Changelog thread. We're including the archived patch notes from the old forums, so that they are preserved for anyone that would like to reference back to them. We will continue to update this thread with new notes as the patches are released.

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  • MARVEL VERSION 6.0 PATCH NOTES Originally Posted: 12-01-2015


    • Anniversary Celebration!
    • New Champions, new theme, and a new arena!
    • More Act 4 content!
    • Catalyst Fragments, Inventory Caps, and Sell Item feature
    • Additional improvements made to the UI, and bug fixes

    Anniversary Celebration:

    • To celebrate our one year anniversary AND the holidays, we’ll be running a special event quest! Battle through the history of The Contest, and test your mettle against familiar faces both old and new!
    • A special reward will be available to those who master every quest!
    • Our Anniversary Celebration will be happening very soon; stay tuned for more info!

    Act 4 content:

    • More Act 4 quests are coming very soon!
    • Opponents in Story Quests now have the ability to use their Special 3 attack! Note that we are not changing previous quest opponents to have this special attack (Act 1-3, Proving Grounds, Realm of Legends will not change); this will be in effect starting with the soon-to-be-released Act 4 content.

    New Champions, new theme, and a new arena:

    • Some eagle-eyed users have spotted one of our new Champions in our TV commercial; we have a few more that you will see in the upcoming months
    • As with our previous major build releases (3.0’s Ultron, 4.0’s Ant Man, and 5.0’s Battlerealm), the Contest has been reskinned with a new theme!
    • The Road to Knowhere map is here! Fight in a new level inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy!

    UI Improvements:

    • Multiple potion use! You can now select multiple potions to use on one Champion
    • A new button in your Alliance Chat to take you directly to Alliance Quests!
    • Expiring Items in the Stash will now notify you with a timer
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes throughout

    Catalyst Fragments, Inventory Cap, and Sell Items feature:

    • Information about these can be found here
    • You can now collect Catalyst Fragments in Event Quests, Proving Grounds, and Alliance Quests; these can be pieced together into a Catalyst!
    • Selling Items is now a thing! Sell any items in your inventory for gold!
    • Level 3 and Level 4 Health Potions have arrived! These are powerful instruments to help you tackle all the new Act 4 content!

    Bug Fixes:

    • Over 400 bugs were fixed in this patch!
    • Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) is now supported
    • Fixed a crash on iPad Air 2 when using a Signature Stone
    • Coagulate Mastery bug has been fixed
    • Venom block/dodge delay during a combo has been fixed
  • MARVEL VERSION 6.1.0 PATCH NOTES Originally Posted: 01-19-2016


    • Bug fixes, bug fixes, bug fixes
    • This patch is heavily focused on squashing bugs, in case you can’t tell
    • New Champions
    • Balance changes
    • This patch will be released tomorrow, January 20th

    New Champions:

    • We have a few new Champions that you will see within the next couple of months (including one of my personal favorites)!
    • Stay tuned for more details!

    Bug Fixes (Characters):

    • Fixed particles appearing too high when a large sized character used a Medium attack
    • Fixed Netflix Daredevil being able to evade Black Bolt’s Special 2
    • Also fixed Daredevil being able to evade Iron Patriot’s Special 2
    • Skill Adaptoid can now hit you during their Special 1
    • Fixed an issue with female character faces distorting during War Machine and Spider-Gwen’s Special 3 animation
    • Minor animation and clipping issues also fixed

    Bug Fixes (General):

    • Fixed a crash that would occur in the Store screen if the user remained when time expired on a sale
    • Fixed an issue where 5-Star Featured Hero Crystals were not purchasable
    • Updated the description on the Recovery mastery to reflect its function: “Increase any Health your Champions recover during a fight by X%”
    • Text reworded on the Coagulate mastery for clarity: “Your Champions take X% less damage from any Bleed effect they suffer.”
    • UI fixes throughout (overlapping, vanishing icons, etc)
    • Over 200 total bugs squashed in this patch!

    Balance Changes:
    Black Panther
    Removed Critical Hit Rate boost on Special 3
    Special 3 now has a chance to Bleed for each instance of Bleed already on the target
    An artifact left over from the early days of the contest was Black Panther’s ability to gain a Critical Hit Rate boost during Special 3 attacks. As many might know, Critical Hits aren’t possible during a Special 3 anymore, making this effect...unhelpful. We’ve switched it out with a new ability to stack up even more Bleed effects on the opponent based on how many Bleeds are already active.

    Example: The opponent has 4 stacks (instances) of Bleed on them when you launch a Special 3. With this new ability, you have a chance to add an additional 0 - 4 more stacks (instances) of Bleed.

    Black Widow
    Fixed issue with her Signature Ability not interacting with Evasion
    Previously, a bug existed that allowed champions with Evade to continue to dodge Black Widow’s attacks, even if her Signature Ability was maxed out. This issue has been fixed.

    Captain America WW2
    Chance to Stun on Special 1 and Special 3
    Captain America WW2 has started to become outpaced by his non-WW2 counterpart and while we want the two to feel different and each have their own specific uses, we also want to ensure they are kept within range of each other in terms of balance. To accomplish this, we’ve given WW2 Cap the ability to Stun with his Special 1 and Special 3 attacks, but kept his Bleed on Special 2 the same, giving him options during combat against non-bleeding champions.

    Daredevil (Netflix)
    Fixed bug preventing Armor Breaks from triggering off of Heavy Attacks
    A bug that prevented Daredevil from triggering Armor Breaks from Heavy Attacks has been fixed and is now working as intended.

    Against non-bleeding champions: Critical Hits have a chance to Armor Break on Special Attacks.
    Increase range of Signature to 25% from 20%.
    Many players found Elektra’s signature ability lacked enough opportunities to use it. To remedy this, we’ve increased the range from 20% to 25%. Additionally, to help make Elektra unique from other skill champions, we’ve given her the ability to deal with naturally Bleed Immune champions. Note: This Armor Break only applies to champions naturally immune to bleed, such as Colossus and Ultron, and not to champions granted Bleed Immunity from Local or Link Nodes.

    Switched Bleed to Critical Hits
    Increase strength of Bleed
    Bleed effects now stack
    Guillotine’s Bleed effect used to have a chance to activate from any given attack, meaning that it had to be kept quite weak to compensate for the frequency of triggers. We’ve made the switch to have her Bleed behave closer to existing champions, and in doing so have boosted the strength of the Bleed and have allowed it to stack.

    Iron Patriot
    Redesigned Signature Ability
    Norman Osborn overloads the Arc Reactor in his chest if Health drops below 10%, granting a large burst of power, with (18% - 48% ) Armor, Regeneration, and Power Gain. After that, his suit burns out and cannot trigger Armor Up, Armor Break or Stun and loses all base Armor.
    Many players didn’t like Iron Patriot’s old signature ability, feeling that due to the lack of Regeneration, it was considerably weaker than Iron Man’s. While we agreed, we didn’t want to just copy and paste his signature ability, but rather give him his own unique twist on the ability. This “all or nothing version” feels more like Norman Osborn, pushing his suit to the limit to get a larger boost but at the cost of damaging the suit. The addition of Power Gain allows Iron Patriot a large attack before the suit burns out, if timed correctly.

    New Ability: Stagger
    Heavy Attacks: 90% chance to Stagger the enemy for 8 seconds. A Staggered enemy cannot gain their next beneficial effect.
    All versions of Juggernaut, even those who haven’t been awakened, now gain the 2 second Unstoppable ability at the start of the fight when they hit Rank 2.
    We wanted to add some new functionality to Juggernaut, while also keeping him true to his Mystic class assignment. To accomplish this, we added this “buff smasher” effect which keeps an opponent from gaining their next beneficial effect. Additionally, we wanted to make non-awakened versions of Juggernaut more fun to play, without adding more power to the awakened variations. As a result, we gave all versions of Juggernaut the ability to become Unstoppable at the start of the fight.

    Element Gun is now less likely to trigger Heal Block against non-healing champions
    Increased duration of Heal Block
    While many players liked the new functionality of Star-Lord’s Element Gun effect, they found it to be a little too random, specifically when it would Heal Block a champion incapable of Healing. We’ve now added in some contingencies that will make Heal Block appear less unless the opposing champion shows that he / she can Heal during the fight. This includes both activated healing effects, such as Wolverine or Ultron’s Heal, or passive healing effects gained from Masteries, such as Salve or Willpower.

    Winter Soldier
    New synergy with Captain America WW2
    It’s been a bit weird that Bucky wasn’t friends with his most famous friend. Well, he is now. This affects 3 Star and above versions.

    Animation & Timing Updates
    Client Side

    Black Bolt / Iron Patriot
    Increased speed of Special 2
    We’ve increased the overall speed of this attack, allowing quick players to use this ability after a four or five hit combo.

    Captain Marvel / Ms. Marvel
    Increased the range and speed of Special 1
    Increased speed of Special 2
    It seems the Marvel’s have gotten tired of their beams being dodged so easily and have decided to angle it a little better, increasing the overall range of the attack and making it harder to dodge away from. We’ve also increased the speed of both special attacks to allow them to better flow into combat.

    Black Panther / Black Widow / Iron Fist
    Increased speed of Special 1
    In order to allow this attack to better flow in combat, we’ve shaved off a few frames from the beginning, allowing players to chain this attack into 4 and 5 hit combos.

    Black Panther / Wolverine
    Increased speed of Special 2
    Black panther sure is getting a lot of love in this update, and his special 2 is no exception. This attack has also had a few frames shaved allowing it to be used as part of a combo

  • MARVEL VERSION 7.0.0 PATCH NOTES - Originally Posted: 02-23-2016


    • Alliance Wars have arrived! It’s Alliance versus Alliance in a war for Battlerealm supremacy!
    • Enter the NEW Loyalty Store to buy Alliance Potions, Mastery items, or other EXCLUSIVE items.
    • Gain Power back from Special Attacks, enhance or defend against Special Attacks, OR gain a temporary Arena Point Boosts with hoards of new Summoner Boost items!
    • Additional changes and improvements are listed below.
    • This patch will be released February 24th.

    Alliance Wars:

    • A new area of the Battlerealm has been opened! Compete with your Alliance-mates for pride, glory, and PRIZES!
    • Matchmake to find a rival Alliance, then combine strategy and teamwork to dominate them.
    • Setup the ultimate defensive team to fortify your Battlerealm, then take your offensive team on the assault!
    • Watch your War Rating skyrocket as your Alliance works together to defeat rivals!
    • Load up on Crystal Shards, Loyalty, and brand new exclusive rewards!
    • Note that this will be slow-rolled to Alliances in phases, similar to the introduction of Alliance Quests (to ensure server stability and gather your feedback on the new mode). Expect tuning changes throughout these phases, as well as into Season 1.

    Loyalty Store:

    • Enter the NEW Loyalty Store to buy Alliance Potions, Mastery items, or other EXCLUSIVE items.
    • Use Loyalty instead of Units to obtain items for Alliance Quests & Wars!
    • Items will rotate daily, similar to how the Mastery cores in the current Store change.
    • Store contents will be randomly chosen from a pool of categories/items; a select few items will be persistent and always be available for purchase.
    • A 5-Star version of Unstoppable Colossus will be available in the Loyalty Store (keep in mind, this is an expensive Champion due to his exclusivity; this will require winning quite a few Alliance Wars and saving up!).
    • This is accessible from the “Store” section of the pop-down menu, and will be available at a later date after the initial 7.0 launch; there will be advance notice through forums and in-game before we release the Loyalty Store.

    New Boosts Items:

    • New Summoner Boosts have arrived in the Loyalty Store; NEW Boost types, purchasable with Loyalty Points.
    • Class specific Boosts, such as Mystic Champions restoring power after using Special Attacks 2 and 3, or Skill Champions boosting their Special Attack Damage.
    • Defensive Boosts, where your Champions take reduced incoming Special 3 Attack Damage.
    • Gain a temporary Arena Point boost with new Arena Boost items!

    Character Changes:

    • Fixed an issue where, after Parrying certain Champion’s Special Attacks, your Champion would be stuck in a blocking state until the Special Attack finished.
    • Fixed an issue where 90s Cyclops’ Armor Breaks would not remove Armor Ups.
    • Fixed an issue with Scarlet Witch’s Signature Ability proc rate (previously, the % chance displayed did not match in-game functionality; this is now fixed).
    • (Note: the Scarlet Witch changes are being cancelled based on player feedback)
    • (Netflix) Daredevil’s Heavy Attack now has a chance to apply 2 stacks of Armor Break, instead of the previous 1 stack.
    • Certain Special Attacks have been sped up to flow better for the following Champions:
    • Vision, Special Attack 1
    • The Vision, Special Attack 1
    • Black Bolt, Special Attack 1
    • Storm, Special Attack 1 and Special Attack 2
    • Spider-Man, Special Attack 2
    • Spider-Man (Symbiote), Special Attack 2
    • Adaptoids/Symbioids who share the same Special Attack animation as the above Champions

    Misc Changes & Improvements:

    • When spending Battlechips to enter an Arena (such as the Tier 4 Basic or Alpha Catalyst Arena), there is now a confirmation popup.
    • The Alliance Crystal now has a purchase limit that resets daily.
    • Permanently increased the Alliance Crystal’s points in Summoner Advancement (from 30 to 300).


    • Updates to Champion Special Attack animations, flow, and timing.
    • Alliance Wars Improvements.
    • Usability improvements.
    • Various bug fixes.
    • 7.0.1 will be released within the next few days.

    Alliance Wars Improvements:

    • A celebration message is sent to the War Room when an Alliance War battlegroup is cleared.
    • Players can now tap directly on another node icon while the tile info popup is open (previously, the popup had to be closed before selecting another node).
    • Alliance’s reward tier position is now highlighted in the Alliance War tier breakdown.
    • In Attack Phase, players can view the score breakdown for both the battlegroup and overall.
    • The “Place Your Defenders” text now disappears much faster after tapping on the screen.

    Usability Improvements:

    • Mail messages now display the date they were sent.
    • It should be much harder to accidentally tap the Units Store when closing a screen.
    • When replaying a previously completed quest (e.g. for quest mastery), the Rewards Screen button will now state “Replay” as opposed to “Play Next.”
    • Text on the Rank Rewards screen for Percentage rewards (e.g. Arenas, Alliance Events) has been edited for clarity; the text now reads “Ranked players are included in the percent calculations, but are ineligible to receive percent rewards.”

    Bug Fixes (General):

    • Players can tap to skip the point animation in Versus mode again.
    • Resolved an issue with Class Masteries (specifically Mystic Dispersion) not functioning.
    • The Juggernaut issue with his linked nodes not appearing in Act 4, Chapter 3, Quest 3 (4.3.3) has been fixed.
    • Fixed a crash that occurs when a player who is not in an Alliance enters Alliance Wars through an outside link.
    • Fixed a text issue where Alliance War specific descriptions would appear on the Alliance Quest “Select a Battlegroup” screen.
    • Resolved ~20 various rare crashes and additional minor issues in different game modes.
    • Fixed and optimized performance on the new Samsung S7.
    • Fixed an Unknown Error that occurred rarely after a device was woken after going to sleep.
    • Improved Performance(Frames Per Second) tracking per fight to help diagnose hitches/pauses/lag spikes during gameplay.
    • Improved gesture tracking(Swipe, Tap, Hold) during low performance moments in combat.
    • Fixed a rare crash that would sometimes occur when receiving a phone call while in combat.
    • Fixed an issue with the Chaos buff not changing on SP3

    Bug Fixes (Champions):

    • Tuned and updated many Champion Special Attack animations to improve timing and combat flow. Please see the expanded forum post HERE for a full list.
    • Fixed She-Hulk’s Special Attacks being marked as a projectile (allowing Daredevil to evade them).
    • Fixed an issue where the player would be stuck in place after parrying Captain America’s Special 1.
    • Fixed an issue where chaining 2 medium attacks into Old Man Logan’s Special 2 would cause the first 2 strikes to miss opponents.
    • Fixed an issue with Daredevil or Spider-man missing with a dash attack if Vision charges a heavy attack during the dash.

    Bug Fixes (Alliance Wars):

    • Fixed an issue where some hidden information in Alliance Wars was visible.
    • Fixed a display issue where Defender Placement percentage was not displaying all placed Alliance members.
    • Resolved minor issue with the total Alliance’s score being displayed on the War Progress widget (now only displays the score of the battlegroup being viewed).
    • Multiple minor Alliance War issues have also been fixed in this patch.

    Bug Fixes (UI/HUD):

    • Fixed a display issue where Shard amounts provided by defeating a boss displayed as double.
    • Fixed a display issue where opponent PI values would display differently between the map, prefight screen, and in combat.
    • Boss power is now correctly displayed after removing Global and Linked boosts.
    • Fixed an issue where a player in Alliance Quests would lose input ability on the quest board after sleeping the device.
    • Fixed an issue where a player enters Alliance Quests and gets stuck after viewing the linked node or buff node tutorial.
    • Fixed an issue where sending an Alliance invite to a player would cause the “Add Friend” button to become greyed out.
    • Fixed a text issue that appears when viewing Featured Hero information from the Home Screen.
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    MARVEL VERSION 8.0.0 PATCH NOTES - Originally Posted: 04-27-2016


    • Join The Iron or fight for The Blue with new events, quests, Champions, and special Shards; inspired by Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War!
    • Solo Events: constantly-evolving events that vary in length, requirements, and prizes!
    • Compare statistics against other players and Alliances with the new Leaderboards!
    • Alliance War: view a breakdown for each Champion’s defender kills, and view your opponent’s offensive Champion information during Attack Phase.
    • Several Champions have received updates and improvements

    Civil War Update:

    • Select a Faction: Join Iron Man and The Iron, or team up with Captain America and The Blue.
    • In conjunction with your Faction selection, you will receive a Faction badge on your profile, and see a full UI reskin to match your choice.
    • Attain a strong in-game boost while you are a member of The Iron or The Blue.
    • Gain new faction-specific Crystal Shards that can be used towards limited time Civil War Crystals, featuring Awakening Gems, Signature Stones, and faction-specific Champions!
    • Faction selection is not permanent! You will be able to change Factions twice over the Civil War period; just in case you want to see how the other side lives.

    Solo Events:

    • Earn Milestone and Rank Rewards in new Solo Events.
    • Solo Events are Alliance Events without the Alliance requirement, and feature special rewards.
    • Choose a Faction to compete in faction-specific Solo Events, such as defeating opposing Faction members in Arenas, or completing your faction’s Cosmic Civil War Event Quest.
    • Gain Solo Crystal Shards for a chance at Awakening Gems, Signature Stones, and Alpha Catalysts!
    • Solo Events will initially be 22-hour long events, with shorter events to be released at a later date (based on server stability).

    Leaderboards (Available soon!):

    • Compare Hero Rating, Strongest Team, Alliance Rating, and other statistics with other players and Alliances.
    • Filter your player statistics by Global, Regional, Friends, and Alliance members.
    • Compare your Alliance to others’ globally, regionally, and amongst your friends’ Alliances.
    • With the addition of Leaderboards, you can now also disable incoming Alliance requests and Friend requests through the Settings menu.
    • Discussion Thread here.

    Alliance War Improvements:

    • During War Phase, you can now view the defender kills broken down by each Champion.
    • You can also view your opponent’s offensive Champion information during War Phase.
    • The number of Battlegroups selected is now displayed while matchmaking.
    • War Energy is now only visible during Attack Phase to reduce confusion (as it has no purpose during Placement Phase).
    • Warchat is now color-coded! Red for your opponents, and green for you!
    • Alliances can now be set to “CLOSED”. This allows invites to be sent out from Leaders and Officers, but stops any unwanted incoming requests to join the Alliance.

    Champion Updates:

    • Several Champions have received updates and improvements (details HERE).
    • Fixed a couple issues with certain Champions’ Special 2 missing hits in a M-M-Special 2 combo (Winter Soldier, Iron Fist, Black Widow)
    • Updated the text on Groot’s info page to state that his Special 2 is unblockable (text change only, he already functions like this).

    Bug Fixes:

    • Over 400 bugs have been fixed with this update. 26 Crashes/Exceptions were fixed.
    • Fixed a rare issue where boosts would expire early after following a specific user flow.
    • Fixed an Error popup that appears when searching for a Alliance Wars match if an Officer/Leader recently canceled a search.
    • Fixed a bug where rarely Users would not receive the Push Notifications 2 hours before the Defence and Attack Phase end in Alliance Wars.
    • Fixed a rare case where a player would be taken to their Alliance Quest when trying to Spectate an opponent in Alliance Wars.
    • Found and addressed a rare issue where Combat Text(Fury, Bleed, Regeneration, ETC.) would remain on screen and overlap each other while in combat.

    Memory, Crash, & GPU/Frames Per Second Improvements:

    • We have heard you! In 8.0.0 we have invested a huge amount of time, effort, and resources into solving this problem, and improving our processes on how we identify, fix, and prevent these in the future. This is going to be an ongoing process that we hope to work with all of you Summoners on improving.

    • Found and fixed memory leak when loading into Quest Boards in: Story Mode, Event Quests, Alliance Quests, and Alliance Wars. This was very difficult to track down, and thanks to all your forum and player support reports we were able to do so. This should result in longer play sessions before the Operating System closes Marvel CoC. Hopefully it won’t need to do so, this depend on the total amount of memory of your device.

    • Found and improved a memory leak when loading the Filter Settings in the Stash, Champions, and Inventory Screens. This is ongoing and we are looking to further improve this in future updates.
    • Improved and reduced memory usage while in the Crystal Vault. This is an ongoing investigation and we have identified a few areas of improved for future releases. These require additional development time before they can be released.
    • Improved and reduced memory usage while Upgrading and Ranking up Champions. Again we have some known improvements in this screen that we hope to improve on in future releases.
    • Thanks to our previous release(7.0.1) we are able to gather more information on Memory and F.P.S.. We will be continuing to investigate and improve these with future releases. Currently we have made some memory improvements to the Savage Lands level. More to come in future releases.
    • Reduced the amount of memory the devices use when logging in via Game Center, Google Play, and Kabam ID. This will reduce memory spikes throughout the game where you are required to re-login.
    • Fixed a rare crash when loading into Masteries from the Player Profile while on the Quest Board in Alliance Wars or Alliance Quests.
    • Fixed a crash that occurred on some devices when entering the Settings menu from the Main Menu.
    • Improved Frames Per Second Performance while moving on the Quest Board. You should see less hitching and have a much smoother experience when playing in Alliance Quests and in Alliance Wars, and some of the later Quests in Act 4.

    We have a roadmap for improvements on all three aspects of “Performance”, we will be looking at Memory, Crashing, and Frames Per Second/GPU moving forward, look for more updates relating to these in our future releases. Thanks again for taking the time to provide as much information as you all did in our Player Support tickets, Forums posts, and Questionnaires!

  • MARVEL VERSION 8.0.2 PATCH NOTES- Originally Posted: 05-06-2016

    Greetings Summoners,

    We are happy to announce that we have a hotfix update coming for many of the issues that players have been experiencing since the Civil War(8.0.0) update. As well as a number of small bug fixes, we've fixed:

    • A crash in combat that was triggered when the player would skip a Victory or Rewards animation. This accounted for a very large amount of crashes in combat.

    • We've identified and fixed major 1-2 second pauses/lag during Combat/Fights. You may still notice some lag during non-interactive parts of the fights, like during Special animations, or during Destructibles Breaking at the end of a fight. We hope to address these in future updates.

    • We have lowered the total amount of memory usage for lower end devices. New Summoners playing on lower memory devices should now see an improvement during the tutorial.

    • Fixed a bug where people were getting stuck in character info screen while playing Alliance Wars.

    • We also fixed a few other crashes identified by the community throughout the game.

    As always, we'll be continuing to fix any issues that start to pop up, but we're happy that we are able to supply you guys with a fix to what many of you have been experiencing. At the moment, we do not have a timeframe for when this will roll out. It is currently being tested but should be available very soon.

  • MARVEL VERSION 9.0.0 PATCH NOTES - Originally Posted: 06-14-2016


    • New Boost flow allows you to use Boosts directly from the fight flow!
    • UI improvements to help simplify Ranking Up Champions and accessing the Stash!
    • Alliance War UI improvements to help explain exploration, rewards, and map difficulty.
    • The Civil War has subsided, and Faction selection has ended in the Battlerealm.
    • New 5-Star Champions are coming!
    • Performance/Memory changes and improvements.

    New Boost Flow:

    • You can now use/purchase boosts directly from the fight flow.
    • Previously, players would need to leave the fight mode they were on, enter the inventory, apply the boosts, and return to their fight screen.
    • New boost flow includes a button in your Summoner Profile, on all Questboard screens, in the Edit Team Screens, and in the pre-fight screen. Selecting this button opens a popup, where you can use/purchase boosts without leaving the current mode!

    UI Improvements (General):

    • On the Champions screen, the Rank Up arrow in the upper-right corner of a Champion tile now changes color, depending on if you have the proper Catalyst upgrade materials or not (blue if you can upgrade the Champion, grey if you cannot).
    • You can now access the Stash while on the Upgrade Champion screen.

    UI Improvements (Alliance Wars):

    • Exploration percentage is now displayed in War Progress to help reinforce that the progress bar is about exploration, not points.
    • Map difficulty will now be indicated on the Alliance Wars landing screen.
    • Participation earning percentage will now be explained when the rewards Mail Message is sent out, as well as on the History Rewards screen.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Over 60 bugs have been fixed in this patch, including 23 Crashes/Exceptions.
    • Fixed a rare issue where leveling up to level 60 would not increase the Tier 4 Catalyst inventory cap.
    • Fixed an issue where user teams would remain locked in an AvA/AvE past expiry.
    • Fixed a rare issue where ranking up a Champion when server maintenance began would lock the user at a non-max level.
    • Once Alliance Wars History has been viewed, the notification badge will go away as intended.
    • A cosmetic issue when switching between Global and Regional Leaderboards has been fixed.
    • Fixed an issue with the Special Attack button hitbox being smaller than the visible button.
    • Various performance optimizations across low-end iOS, Android, and Samsung devices (more details below).

    Performance/Memory/Load Times/Frame Rate Changes and Improvements:

    • We reduced the overall data we call down from the servers substantially. This will save on data charges and help reduce load times that depend on a strong internet connection.
    • Improved memory when backing out of questboards, or performing multiple quests.
    • Fixed a memory leak when upgrading several Champions.
    • Improved total memory usage when logging in, or disconnecting. This will results in fewer crashes during reconnecting and initially logging in, or switching accounts. Improved this in some cases by ~40MB in savings.
    • Improved(Reduced) overall memory usage in Champions, Upgrade, Stash, and Crystal Vault screens. Biggest savings were in the Crystal Vault.
    • Better optimize and clean up textures during screen transitions. Minor improvements across the entire game.
    • We are continuing our investigations into improving frame rate during combat, and reducing overall stuttering. We made some minor improvements to the HUD for 9.0.0, this may help some users.
    • We have identified a few stutters during Non-Interactive Sequences, these require a significant amount of work, and will be ongoing in future updates. Memory was our primary focus on 9.0.0.
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    VERSION 10.0.0 RELEASE NOTES - Originally Posted: 08-16-2016


    • New Login Rewards!
    • The Grandmaster has designed a lethal labyrinth to challenge Summoners. Introducing the new Labyrinth of Legends!
    • Champion updates and improvements
    • Leaderboard updates
    • Alliance bug fixes and UI updates
    • Performance/Memory changes and improvements

    Login Calendars:

    In addition to the Free & Daily Crystals players can collect every 4 & 24 hours, we're adding TWO new Login Calendars to the game. This will allow players to claim more free items on a weekly and monthly basis just for logging in!

    Upon release of this feature, a Weekly Login Calendar will be available for players to obtain Premium Hero Crystal Shards. Players that log in all 7 days, within the calendar login week, will earn enough Crystal Shards for 1 complete Premium Hero Crystal. That's 4 free Premium Hero Crystals a month! Players will need to continuously log in to build and sustain a calendar login streak for maximum rewards. Missing any day on a weekly calendar will reset your calendars progress.

    On September 1st, the Monthly Login Calendar will make its debut. This calendar will be loaded with a variety of items such as Gold, Catalysts, Units, etc. It will also have its fair share of Crystals, including a new Login Crystal that is EXCLUSIVE to Login Calendars. This new Login Crystal can be claimed on Day 28 of a monthly calendar and it guarantees either a 3 or 4-Star version of a recently featured Champion!

    Each monthly calendar will consist of 28 days, excess days within a calendar month will be considered a 'grace day'. Grace days allow users to miss a couple of login days, however, don't miss too many, as the number of grace days provided will vary depending on the number of days of each calendar month (e.g. October will have 3 grace days as it has 31 days in the month, June: 2 grace days, Feb: 0-1 grace days, etc). Once all grace days have been used up, missing additional days will result in a loss of monthly calendar rewards starting from the backend of the calendar - Day 28 descending.

    A new monthly calendar will begin on the 1st of each month. We expect to change up the reward structure for each Login Calendar from time-to-time, so check back regularly to see what's new!

    Legends Update

    • New Labyrinth of Legends quest-set provides a Legendary challenge!
    • New Legends Leaderboard allows Legendary Summoners to compare their feats against one another.
    • Legends Points will retroactively be awarded to players who have earned a Legends Title in previous Legends Events.

    A few Champions have updated base attack moves to better match their fighting style and personalities. The following Champions will have updated movesets:

    • Juggernaut
    • Hulk
    • Abomination
    • Thanos

    Alliance Membership Updates

    • Improved communication and warning messages when you join or leave an alliance

    Alliance Updates

    • Fixed an Alliance Quest bug related to the timer that would freeze the game
    • Mail Messages when Alliance War is complete are now more clearly defined
    • Receiving partial rewards in Alliance War messages is more clearly defined
    • Tutorial on a hidden node or strategic view in the Alliance Quest is updated
    • Alliance event milestones will now display the value of the highest milestone
    • Milestone and Rank Rewards description and layout updated
    • Improved matchmaking performance

    UI Improvements (General):

    • Items that were not appearing or faded in the Store is fixed
    • Featured Image and text for Rank Up Packages now displays correctly
    • Event Quest difficulty select screen is now correctly displayed
    • Alliance’s opponent info link is now updated
    • Modifier for Battle Chips in the Reward menu display is updated
    • Updated Alliance War and Alliance Event progress bar alignment
    • Updated alliance invites and friend request screen
    • Updated active alliance events on banner and fight screen
    • Stash reward info tip UI updated

    Leaderboard Improvements:

    • Leaderboard Region now shows your country
    • Leaderboard Friends now shows ranking
    • Banned users are removed from Friends and Alliances Leaderboards
    • Alliance Rating and Alliance Icon Screen updated
    • Improved Animation skipping during duplicate Champion crystals

    Misc Changes and Fixes:

    • View Champion’s abilities from the Pre-Fight screen by tapping on the Ability info button.
    • Time required to qualify for rank and milestone rewards in Alliance Events is now more clearly displayed.
    • Fixed a bug with Double Edge that caused a very small subset of players to experience 2 stacks of Bleed, causing extra damage.
    • Masteries green glow and info page has been updated
    • Boost Tutorial for beginners updated
    • Solo Events alliance, timers and progress bar info and screens updated

    Performance/Memory/Load Times/Frame Rate Changes and Improvements:

    • Server Optimizations reduced heavy load times
    • Bug causing the game to crash when gifting alliance members has been fixed
    • Improved Optimizations for lower memory/performance devices

    • Players will have to update to 10.0 to see the content included in this patch, including Labyrinth of Legends and Terrigenocide Part 2


    • 10.0.1 contains a major bug fix. It is advised players update to 10.0.1 as soon as it is available.


    • 10.0.2 contains a minor bug fix for players that were unable to make purchases.


    • 10.1 contains minor bug fixes and content required for the final Terrigenocide Quest. Players will have to update to the latest version before they will be able to play the new Event Quest.
  • Version 10.2.0 release notes - Originally Posted: 10-03-2016



    • Introducing specialized boosts that will give you an advantage in specific areas of the Battlerealm.
    • Special Event Daily Login Calendars make their way into the game
    • Added Support for Dutch and Norwegian
    • New Fight Recovery System
    • General Bug fixes and Performance/Memory changes and improvements

    Mode Specific Boosts
    Introducing a new feature our team has developed that will add another level of strategy and options to gameplay! Mode Specific Boosts are Boosts whose unique effects are only felt in specific areas of Gameplay.

    For example, our first mode specific boost will only affect fights in the upcoming Monthly Quest. Watch your in game mail for more information on those boosts after the launch of the event.

    Special Event Calendars
    Get even more rewards, just for logging in! Event Calendars are new Login Calendars that run alongside our Daily and Monthly calendars, but unlike the Monthly Calendar, these will not run one after the other, and will have no grace days. This means if you want to collect all of the rewards, you have to login every day!

    Our first Special Event Calendar will go live on October 18th.

    Expert Proving Grounds:

    • A new tier of the Proving Grounds has been added!
    • This higher-difficulty quest features Tier 4 Basic Catalyst Fragments, three different paths, and cycles on a 48-hour schedule rather than 24.
    • Chests in this quest will ALWAYS reward Tier 4 Basic Catalyst Fragments, as well as the 1st Time Completion and 100% Completion rewards.

    Language Updates

    • New Languages added - Dutch and Norwegian
    • You now have the ability to change your language in the Options menu. You will also be asked to confirm your language the first time you start the latest version.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed an issue with Unstoppable, which could cause Champions to freeze in place.
    • Fixed an issue where players on an iPhone 5, 5C, or iPad 4 running iOS 10.0.1 would crash when fighting Agent Venom.
    • Fixed an issue with Dr Strange’s Fate Seal not triggering Willpower healing on an opponent.
    • Fixed an issue where an event leaderboard’s display score would display incorrectly while still calculating.

    UI Improvements (General):

    • The Player Search Bar has been relocated from the Friends Submenu to the Social Sidebar. One less click to find your dueling targets!


    After enabling the Crash Recovery Screen with this patch, we discovered 2 issues that require us to disable the feature until they are rectified.

    Firstly, if a Player crashes in an Arena Battle and were put back into the fight, they would not receive any points for that fight. Secondly, a potentially exploitable glitch was discovered that allowed players to use the feature and return to a fight with buffs missing from the enemy.

    We have disabled the feature now and will update you all when we have more information on when we can expect it to return.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Version 11.0 Release Notes - Originally Posted: 11-01-2016

    Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” is in theaters on November 4th! There are powerful mystics at play, and the Battlerealm is not immune! Sorcerer’s Conclave has begun!

    The Collector has organized a tourney for his many Mystic Champions, but something dark lurks in the background of this event. Doctor Strange, his old friend Mordo, and the enigmatic Doctor Voodoo decide to create a Mystic Council to uncover the hidden threat! As they travel the Battlerealm to gather their forces, it becomes clear something or someone is working against them...

    The Collector has also added a new twist to the Battlerealm: Portals transform movement throughout The Contest, offering new challenges and new ways to see the Battlerealm!

    As you battle through the Sorcerer's Conclave, earn Dimension Shards to unlock Dimensional Rifts! These short duration quests come in four difficulty Tiers, much like Event Quests, each with increased rewards as well! The items found here can be extremely valuable, especially in the Master difficulty Rift.

    Dimension Shards can also be exchanged for Dimension Crystals, but the rewards they contain will not be as effective as entering and completing the Dimensional Rifts.

    Dimension Shards for each can be found in:

    • Event Quest Completion and Exploration Rewards
    • Alliance Events
    • Solo Events
    • Dimensional Rifts themselves! Complete a Rift to gain Dimensional Shards for the next difficulty level of Rift!

    Auto Fight is now available!

    • You can now sit back, relax and watch your Champions battle! This new feature allows the AI to take over for you.
    • We recommend that you use the feature when grinding with easier to medium level fights. While our AI is doing it’s best, it’s not as skilled as you!
    • Autofight is only available in Single Player modes of the game, such as Event Quests. It is not available in Competitive Modes, such as Alliance Wars, Alliance Quests, or Arenas.
    • AutoFight will be available at Level 19

    Language Updates

    • New Languages added - Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese

    UI Improvements (General):

    • A revamped Champion Info Screen showcases characters stats and abilities with more detail:
    • The Champion Info Screen has been updated and overhauled. Summoners can now get an expanded view on their Champion’s base stats.
    • The Champion Upgrade Screen has been updated to allow for the selection of more than six ISO-8 at a time, behaving similarly to the Stash.
    • Champion tags tell you more about your Champions. Find out which Champions are good targets for Magneto’s Magnetism ability, or use the new Champion types to know who is good for Offensive or Defensive play styles.
    • Synergy Bonus Displays on Team Bars

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed issue affecting Phoenix's Max PI
    • Fixed bug causing characters to skip the evade animation and counterattack immediately
    • Fixed bug affecting amount of health regenerated after activating Phoenix's Right of the Phoenix
    • Fixed a bug where Scarlet Witch's Power Steal would activate with no effect. Each activation of Power Steal will deplete opponent's Power Bar by 33% and add 5% of stolen Power to Scarlet Witch's Power Bar.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed Vision (Age of Ultron) and Starlord to stack Heal Block
    • Fixed an issue where a Mystic Symbioid on Map 5 would activate a Fate Seal that does not Trigger Willpower
    • Fixed Black Widow’s signature so she can no longer break through blocking champs
    • Fixed Resonate’s info in Mastery tree to include the chance to activate

    Character Changes:

    • Changed Juggernaut's base Ability to combine both his Armor Up and Unstoppable buffs at the beginning of a fight into the new Cyttorak's Favor ability. Juggernaut's Unstoppable at the beginning of a fight will now scale as he ranks up, from anywhere between 2 - 3.3 Seconds
    • Altered Mirror Image to attempt to duplicate opponent Cruelty, Precision, Resistance, Fury, Armor Up and Regeneration Buffs every 7 seconds instead of immediately. Duplicated Buffs will be in effect for 6 seconds.
    • Reduced callout for Power Steal during Rogue's Special 2 to One, instead of Once per hit. This has no effect of how much power is stolen, but simply clears up the screen.
  • Version 11.1 - Originally Posted 12-05-2016
    Howard and Hyperion’s Holiday Hijinks

    The Battlerealm falls silent as the Collector sends his Champions away for a much-needed break while he retreats to a sanctuary to plan his next move against the Grandmaster. Left by the Collector to catalogue and organize his many crystals, Howard the Duck laments his lonely lot in life when a new friend, Hyperion, arrives in need of Howard’s help. Seeking a home for the Holidays, Howard and Hyperion set out on a festive jaunt and find friends in the most unlikely of places. Howard and Hyperion’s Holiday Hijinks will run from December 7th to January 4th of 2017.


    Titles have been added to the Contest. Titles are a way to show off achievements in the Battlerealm. Every player will begin with the “Summoner” title. Other titles will be available through completing event quests, special events, or difficult challenges.

    Titles will appear under your username in your profile, in chat and throughout other areas in the game. Summoners can change their titles by clicking the “Titles” button in the Profile. Be sure to log in during our Anniversary Week (December 10th - 17th) as well as check your mail for future opportunities to earn titles!

    Expert Daily Quests

    Here just for the holidays! To expand on the Daily Quest system, three new Daily Quests have been added to the weekly cycle: Expert Daily Quests! From Monday to Saturday, three 48 hour long quests will offer TIER 4 CLASS CATALYST FRAGMENTS, similar to the Expert Proving Grounds. Each 48 hour period will be lined up with the two classes available in standard dailies during that time:

    Monday and Tuesday: Skill and Mutant Expert Daily Quest
    Wednesday and Thursday: Science and Mystic Expert Daily Quest
    Friday and Saturday: Cosmic and Tech Expert Daily Quest

    Though each quest will contain fragments for BOTH classes, you will be able to choose which type you prefer to collect from the chests by taking the marked path for that class.
    These quests will run December 7th - January 7th.

    Re-introducing Crash Recovery System

    • When resuming a fight after a crash or disconnection, a Fight Recovery Screen will be displayed that will allow players to resume the fight.
    • Players must log back into the game within 10 minutes of the crash, or else the Fight Recovery Screen will not be displayed.
    • To avoid exploitation, the Crash Recovery feature will only trigger once every 2 hours.

    Character Changes:

    • Minor adjustment to Red Hulk’s heavy recovering; we have made it longer to match other champions.
    • Extended Doctor Voodoo’s Power Burn on Special 2 attack from 10 second duration to 15 second duration

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed incorrect "Spark" effect when hitting an opponent on Android Devices
    • Match times out after suspending the app during the pre-fight screen
    • Fixed buff Plague mind and now functions as intended
    • Signature stones can now be used to Level up 5-Star Champions past SigLv 100
    • Dr Strange no longer applies multiple FATE SEALS. This is a minor graphic fix with no change in gameplay performance.
    • Fixed Civil Warrior's SP2 to refresh Heal Block on the first hit instead of the last. This will make it easier to convert the Heal Block.
    • Fixed Dr. Voodoo’s % symbol text attached to his duration variable
    • Fixed Mordo’s passive ability text previously stating 2 bars instead of 1 bar
    • Fixed a bug that exposed Champion tags of hidden champions
  • Version 11.2 - Originally Posted: 01-17-2017
    V11.2 will be available on January 18th! Here’s what you need to know about our latest update...

    New 5 Star Characters added to the 5-Star Crystal:

    • Superior Iron Man
    • Colossus
    • Guillotine
    • Yellowjacket
    • Moon Knight
    • Hulkbuster

    Get Tier 2 Alpha Catalysts when you sell Tier 1 Alpha Catalysts

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed a bug where Moon Knight’s Special 1 Attack, Waxing Crescents, did not have a +20% Critical Hit Chance, and his Special 2 Attack, Divine Justice, would not inflict Bleed.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Chat Bar to disappear in Alliance Quests and Wars when tapping nodes to see information.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Rhino’s Rank 2 fury to not activate.
    • The title "Super Dude" appearing on the 3 VS 3 Series Match screen has been fixed.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Rogue's Debuff Duration to set to 60% reduction instead of 65% reduction.
    • Fixed a bug where Recoil was not affecting Special 3 attacks.

    UX Update:

    • Event Quest Panel is now set to the last completed difficulty
  • edited May 2017

    Version 12.0 - Originally Posted 02-28-2017
    V12.0 will be available on March 1st! Here’s what you need to know about our latest update...

    Act 5, Elder’s War
    • The Collector prepares a new tournament for his mightiest Summoners and Champions, but a sudden interruption causes a change of plans: The Grandmaster has returned in full force! Curiously, he sides with the Summoner, countering the Collector’s plans and otherwise mocking his little brother’s efforts. Brand new challenges, boosts, and battles await those who enter the ELDER’S WAR!
    • Chapter 1 releases on March 8th, 2017.

    New Event Quest - X-Enforcers
    • A brand new event quest is available to play! After their cataclysmic encounter with Thanos, Beast and the remaining X-Men happen upon a mysteriously resurrected Jean Grey and renew their search for the remaining mutants, but the trail's gone cold. The X-Men will need all the help they can get if they are to find their missing Mutants and fight back against their former brothers and sisters, who've formed the mutant team The X-Enforcers! The results are sure to be explosive, as both teams are after the same prize... the Mutant known as Iceman!

    Elder's War Battlerealm Updates
    • The very rules of combat have been rewritten. Champion abilities, stats, synergies and many other factors have undergone the biggest change The Contest has ever seen. These exciting updates to The Contest will enable it to be more competitive, and introduce some new and exciting Champions and features!
    • The following additional Champion abilities have been added to the game: Armor Penetration, Critical Resistance and Block Penetration.

    Restructured Multiverse Arenas
    Arena changes are coming to The Contest! There are now 4 arenas in total with different rarity restrictions that will give you more choice, and greater chances at earning the top rewards!
    • Increased the number of players that can win the Featured Champion from 400 to 800
    • Updated Ranked Rewards
    • Removed ISO from arena crystals

    New Languages Added
    • Now supporting Indonesian and Thai

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue that allowed opponents to Evade, and immediately attack in the same motion.
    • Fixed incorrect text that stated Star-Lord gains his benefits every 10 combo hits/received
    • Fixed an issue where Punisher’s Signature Ability would not trigger if Knocked Out while blocking.
    • Fixed incorrect text to state Rogue’s Special 1 does not replicate Unstoppable Buffs
    • Fixed a text issue where Mordo’s Special 3 incorrectly states he gains 20 Stacks of Fury in all Languages except English.

  • Version 12.1 - Originally Posted: 03-24-2017
    Version 12.1 will be released March 27th. It is a bug fix-centric release that also has some optimizations for under the hood.

    Character Fixes:
    The Hood’s Special 1 Attack now delivers Energy damage.
    Fixed an issue causing Daredevil not to Evade The Hood’s projectile attacks
    Fixed an issue causing Daredevil not to Evade Punisher’s Special 2 Attack
    Fixed an issue affecting timing of Unstoppable Colossus and Juggernaut’s Unstoppable buff
    Fixed Rhino’s inflated PI values
    Fixed an issue causing Ronan’s Stun Duration not to Increase as per his Signature Ability
    Fixed an issue with Nightcrawler’s Bleed interacting with Deep Wounds
    Fixed an issue where Archangel’s Special Attacks were dealing energy damage
    Fixed an issue causing Nightcrawler’s Deep Wounds probability not to increase when the opponent has low armor
    Fixed an issue causing Civil Warrior’s Signature ability from reducing SP damage while blocking
    Archangel is now tagged as “Metal”
    Fixed an Issue where Falcon’s Redwing Synergy was not increasing Critical Rating damage by the correct amount
    Dormammu’s Special 2 attack now delivers energy based damage
    Fixed an issue with Cable’s Special 2 attack where the opponent was able to recover and block the 2nd and 3rd hit of the attack
    Fixed an issue with Yellowjacket’s Special attacks not activating his Signature Ability after Power Stings expiring

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