Evade vs Specials calculations

SlySlySlySly Posts: 352 ★★
So I fought a spidey and then an NC recently and noticed this: Why is Spideys evade chance applied to every hit of a multi-hit special instead of just first? For example: I used my 4/40 Rogue against a 4/40 Spidey in arena, popped my SP2, he gets hit with first hit and then evades the second two. What is the reasoning behind this? I mean, it's logical to have evade chances applied to every hit but Specials should be out of that meta, one special should be considered as 1 hit instead 3 separate hits like with Rogue (even though they are technically more than one hit). That kinda makes evades OP compared to other defenses, like Armor Up for example. Is it possible to get some info about this from mod? Mike, Adora, Spice? Is Spidey generally bugged or is this meant to be like this? Thanks!
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