The acct Sharing Bans

so i vaguely remeber when this was brought up before that Miike or someone else said that sharing for AW/AQ purposes and other thing was okay. Just not ARENA. has this changed now? it might create some barriers such as different time zone things. a Few members in an alliance have a different time zone so our night is their day. therefore if they are needed to take a node down in AQ/AW the whole alliance would have to wait for 6+ hours for that node to be gone. see what i mean? so is EVERY form of Sharing banned now?


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    Never happened, I've even been warned in the past for suggesting someone use a
    Shabbot goy to claim calendar rewards on the sabbath.
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    Pretty sure nobody from Kabam has ever told us it's ok to access another player's account.
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    this was maybe 2-3 years ago
  • I think you might be mistaken. We have never said that Sharing for Alliance Wars or Alliance Quests was okay. That' a clear violation of the Terms of Service. All forms of Account Sharing have always been a bannable offense. If you do it, you can have your Account Banned.

    Do not share your login information with anybody else, and do not log in to any account that is not your own.
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