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BirdReynoldsBirdReynolds Posts: 522 ★★★
Want to do my first run of the easy path tomorrow before and after maintenance. Have practiced against Rulk and one shot him countless times. My team:
4/55 unduped Domino
3/45 duped Masacre
5/50 duped Rulk
5/50 duped Hulk
3/30 Abomination

I have 560x 4 hour crystals, a full stash of potions and revives with more in overflow, 10x 30% champ boosts, and a few health and attack boosts. I’d like to avoid using units but have 1500 in case of emergency.

Am I good to go here or should I wait? Another option is
4/55 sig 114 SL
3/45 sig 112 AA
Ant Ant YJ.

Pro tips and advice appreciated.


  • JadedJaded Posts: 2,472 ★★★★★
    Easy path I’d just run 4/55 SL with ant man x2, yellow jacket and 3/45 aa. Imo
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