Semi retired Adult alliance recruiting

Laid back 13mill gold 3 Adult alliance looking for 2 loyal team players map3x5 no donations weekly sa and 2bg wars , if interested comment below or add me on [email protected] FearlessLime


  • I'm interested, but I don't use line. Just in game chat. 7.3k that okay?
  • mmyqt9ur96qk.png

    Not really retired, but this matches my criteria. This is my mini account so I’m looking for somewhere to grow but nothing over the top (my main account has enough of that).

    I’ve got Line: ButOfCorpse so hit me there or respond here and maybe I can join up tonight.
  • What’s your in game name Erza? I’ll add you
  • Hi if u guys want to merge with us pls check us out
    [Z] devilz InC.
  • Erza_ScarletErza_Scarlet Posts: 77
    edited December 2018
    What’s your in game name Erza? I’ll add you

    Erza Scarlet
  • Sent a request I’ll talk to you in game whenever you get a chance
  • Sorry not looking to merge we have a solid core just have a few heading out that want to return to the grind
  • No worries best of luck to you
  • Appreciate it thanks man I hope you guys are able to fill up and find some loyal recruits
  • Still looking for 1 after sa message me on line @ FearlessLime or comment here
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