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Darkhawk interaction with Devices [Merged Threads]



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    Anakin83Anakin83 Posts: 30
    I cannot fighting darkhawk!!! Unbelievable!!
    All of his graphics effect, invisibility and goku aura... and game is dramatically lagging!
    Never see this problem so much..
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    Anakin83Anakin83 Posts: 30
    Me too

    IGN: anakin83
    Device: huawei p9 lite
    OS: Android 7
    Cellular or wifi: both
    Game version: 21.1.0
    Game mode: EQ
    Description: When fight vs Darkhawk, game is lagging. All his effects, whatever champions I'm using, make the game lagging and I cannot fight.
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    OmniOmni Posts: 574 ★★★
    Yeah I had uncollected hulk teleport across the map and combo me...the speed is insane
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    BLEEDlNG_DGEBLEEDlNG_DGE Posts: 324 ★★
    edited December 2018
    DEVICE: Samsung S6 Edge
    OS: Android 7.0
    GAME VERSION: 21.1.0
    DESCRIPTION: Faced him for the first time in MASTER a few mins ago. Got to him with a full health team save for my Iceman (70% hp) that I used to clear path with. Entire team K.O'd at start of fight because I couldn't swipe back and avoid 'unblockable' attacks due to lag. 😡
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    RCunhaRCunha Posts: 375 ★★
    IGN: Romeucunha33
    Device: Huawei P Smart
    Os: Android 8
    Data or Wi-Fi : Both
    Game version: 21.1
    Description: fighting against Darkhawk in the uncollected the game lags like hell while he has that purple aura, couldn't finish the only run that I do, lost potions and units. Knocked me down at the start of every fight..
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    Denslo500Denslo500 Posts: 905 ★★★
    iPhone 7 plus
    iOS 12.1
    11 GB of memory available.
    version 21.1 MCOC

    Bad lag with Darkhawk on Heroic mode
    Going to avoid Master level until it is fixed.
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    SparkAlotSparkAlot Posts: 957 ★★★★
    Yep, horrible lag starts with him going into the fight, don't know how the beta testers missed this, does it on all 3 android devices I have tried, from a S9 note, to a Moto g6, to a Samsung S7.
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    TaZ_4178TaZ_4178 Posts: 506 ★★
    My device Android Samsung Galaxy 7 edge plus...

    Got completely annihilated in both master and uncollected lmao and take in mind i 100% both of these each month! Im glad it wasn't just me... until i hear about a fix from kabam I'll just do the lesser difficulties kinda sucks because I'm literally like 1500 shards away from my 4th 6* but yeah my game is F'd up lol
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    Same issue with extreme delays.
    Samsung S6 Active, Android 7.0
    I restarted my device several times between revives. No delay at all if I don't try to evade. As soon as I try to evade, the frame rate drops like crazy. To the point that multiple or rapid succession evades are impossible. Revived 5 times to see if it was a repeatable delay/frame rate drop.
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    I revived and recorded a video.
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    Darth_Caedus1Darth_Caedus1 Posts: 64
    edited December 2018
    I don’t know if anyone else has this problem but the games crashes every single time I try to enter the dark hawk fight. But only when I try to enter that fight, for everything else it’s just a bit o lag and it goes away after a few minutes. I’m playing on an iPhone 6plus with IOS 12
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    SknZnSknZn Posts: 442 ★★★
    I haven’t got into DarkHawk, but I’m encountering connection issues a lot since update, not on my wifi or data for sure.
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    KormoKormo Posts: 77
    Mine was lagging like crazy too. Had to restart game like 3 times. He wrecked all my champions first two attempts.
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    SighsohardSighsohard Posts: 666 ★★★
    I crash everytime I play him. Everytime. My app force closes every single time. It’s insane.
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    PALMCSM69_PALMCSM69_ Posts: 33
    Me too
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    CaptainaidenCaptainaiden Posts: 829 ★★★
    Yeah it's to lag to fight darkhawk even in master, he actually can be fight but the lagged is killing me, please help!!!! Maybe the colour or shining things while in mode!!!

    I'm using Oppo F7, and below is the info about my phone.

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    anon89160anon89160 Posts: 4
    edited December 2018
    Same issue as everyone else, freezing at start of fight and unfreezes after i'm K.O... awesome..

    In-Game Name: anon8916
    Device and Model: Samsung galaxy j3 2016 (sm-j320m)
    Device Operating System: Android 5.1.1
    Cellular or WiFi: WIFI
    Game Version Installed: 21.1
    Video Proof: https://youtu.be/CUXpQWyh0u0
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    CaptainaidenCaptainaiden Posts: 829 ★★★
    Me to, too laggy

    In-Game Name: Pocong X
    Device and Model: Oppo F7 CPH1819
    Device Operating System: Android 8.1.0
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 21.1
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    kikiFurieuxkikiFurieux Posts: 244 ★★★
    same for me, game lags like crazy when the fight with Darkhawk starts.
    It means a lot since the beginning of the fight is crucial, you have to swipe back and bait the SP2. If your phone doesn't respond well you lose, it's that simple. I lost at least 20-30 times in uncollected and master because of that. Used units and revive but I will wait to do 100% until this bug is resolved.
    Happens only with Darkhawk in EQ though, nowhere else. I grind arena and it's fine, same for AW or AQ, at least for me.
    The connection issue is back it seems, and my connection is just fine.
    Again this is not about the difficulty of the boss itself, it's more with the extra difficulty added by the lag. You can't do anything except lose...

    Honor 6X
    Android 7.0
    Game version 21.1 (last updated)
    Account: kiki-furieux
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    The games extremely slow and reacts late when dodging also when fighting uncollected darkhawk the game starts to lag resulting in all my champs getting KO'D. I even tried to beat darkhawk master and lost, furthermore he is unblockable and we can't do nothing but get hit, die and repeat. Seems planned to me.
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    AryannaAryanna Posts: 76
    The games extremely slow and reacts late when dodging also when fighting uncollected darkhawk the game starts to lag resulting in all my champs getting KO'D. I even tried to beat darkhawk master and lost, furthermore he is unblockable and we can't do nothing but get hit, die and repeat. Seems planned to me.

    Messages like these will get you silenced. Be warned
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    JuliiiiienJuliiiiien Posts: 7
    I finished Uncollected today and experienced 3-4 times an extreme lag at the start of the fight resulting in getting hit by the first combo.
    iOS 12.1
    MCOC 21.1
    Wifi network
    Ingame : Juliiiiien
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    DJSergyDJSergy Posts: 170 ★★
    Its happening with my iphone X as well. For some reason noticed it with Hyperion more, but could have been just coincidence
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    BelaPichBelaPich Posts: 89
    We players all meet that problems! Hope Kabam fix that issue soon
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    GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 36,335 ★★★★★
    I can't stress the importance enough, of a fix for this. I've tried numerous times in this Fight and it's buggy everytime. Evade is not kicking in, it freezes and lags everytime, and I've spent quite a few Resources trying to manage the Fight, as well as starting over to save Resources. When a Champ has Nodes that require precise countertactics, having performance issues like this makes it increasingly more challenging. I'm hoping something is found that can fix it. It's frustrating. Thanks guys.
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