Suggestion Regarding Crystal Upgrades

Until recently, the major pinnacle of MCoC was to become Uncollected in order to receive Grandmaster Crystals and the upgraded free/daily crystals (among other amenities, but this is about crystals).

Now that Kabam has extended these crystal upgrades to match your respective content beaten, it has muddied the water a bit and got me to thinking.

As it stands, everyone is entitled to a free crystal every 4 hours and a daily crystal every 24 hours. If you’ve beaten Act 1, upgraded. Act 2, even better. Act 3, keep it coming. Act 4, almost there. Act 5.2, Uncollected.

I know that just completing Act 5 is worthwhile in the rewards alone, but why not extend the crystal upgrade to those who have beaten all of Act 5? As is the case with every other milestone, it’d just be a slight improvement over the UC versions. What that’d entail.. I’m not sure. Double the output of the current UC crystals maybe for those that have completed Act 5.

While we’re on the subject, the Loyalty/Alliance crystal could use the same upgrade overall - maybe the same as those crystals, dependent upon how much content you’ve completed.

Last but not least, the War Victor crystal needs a complete overhaul. Maybe have those reflective of each tier. The best I can ask for currently is a 4* sig stone. Great for early content gamers, but at this point - they’re basically useless to me and a whole bunch of end-game players.

Just a few suggestions that I think would go a long way in improving the game and keeping the fan base happy.

I’m all for constructive criticism and opinions, but leave the “Kabam ain’t giving you SH!T for free” at the door please.

Corpse, out.
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