Chilled alliance looking for 10 people or possible merger

We are a chilled group of people, Gold 1 last season, looking to slow down the game play yet have 2 active BGs to still get some rewards and continued progression in game.

We have 10 spots available for additional members or a group looking to stick together.

Our goal is to have two active BGs running AQ Map 5 and AW and let the third BG be free/open for members on vacation/burnout or want to temporarily focus on story/event content.

We’re also allied with a competitive alliance, [CVX], for people who want more active gameplay and the possibility to move into that alliance is always open.

Donations are rather minimal just to keep at least one (or two BGs) running Map 5 but otherwise we have no event requirements.

Most of us current members are from a previous Gold 1 alliance with ratings between 300 - 600K but we’re happy to accept anyone who wants to grow.

Check out the [H___F] tag for more alliance info. Add us on Line (chiipxop) or (cmorales79) if you’re interested.


  • Hello, i've just started this game but I will be very active on Mcoc. Just looking for a shot. May not be strong now but will be very soon.
  • CeMoCeMo Posts: 7
    What’s your in-game name, Zyexos?
  • ZlayrZlayr Posts: 2
    Hi, I'm a pretty active player. Looking for a more active alliance to join.

    Zlayr (ingame name)
    106K Rating (nothing impressive :/ )

    Looking forward to get in touch :smile:
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