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    Also found out that a former employee has already released info that show that the good crystal opening go to the whales (big spenders).

    Fake. And not even a particularly convincing fake.

    Lol watch cowwhale biggest spender I can think of get dumped on every 2 weeks

    That's one interesting datapoint, but one datapoint wouldn't be definitive. But whenever someone tries to pretend to be something they are not on the internet, like a lawyer or a doctor or in this case a game developer, they generally do a horrible job because they just have no idea how to do it. There are lots of tells, but an actual game developer would a) not post on an official forum where they know they will be censored, b) not post in an environment where they express the belief their real identity would be discovered (why be anonymous from us the players but not from your actual former employer, that's just ludicrous), and c) post authenticating information, like someone only a Kabam employee would know but could be independently verified. If I was some insider with the scoop on how Kabam was manipulating crystal odds, it would be very easy for me to write up a post on Reddit that detailed how that system worked, and how its behavior could be detected. I would use the language specific to game development in general and Kabam's localized dialect of it specifically. And that post would still be up there today.

    Also, it was a rambling mess. It took me all of ten seconds to red flag it as a disgruntled player playing pretend dev.

    Meant to quote the other guy I always hear spenders get better luck then I watch him pop 100 fgmc for 2 5 stars and laugh
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    Just finished uncollected EQ. It was fairly simple Other than the thorny path in 3.2 of uncollected that was a nice challenge. I was a bit disappointed to learn that DH has such a weak special 1. It allows you to just the special 1 over and over and pummel DH since he never regains his invisibility
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    weird thing is ... UC Darkhawk was easy for me , why ? because you are dealing with hard level AI , it means its easy to bait him at the start of the fight

    but in master mode that AI is stupid AI , so its a lot harder to bait him ! (stupid AI + unblockable = disaster lol)

    after 2 path in UC i was able to one shot him everytime , his AI is similar to NC AI in AQ map 5 , you can make him block with 1 light attack when he is dashing back , but in Master mode i cant even bait that sp2 at the start of the fight lol

    and you can die because of that small lag at the start of the fight anyway :))
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    since i started doing UC again ive managed to finish each quest in under a week so it is difficult but i just figured out what to do and who to use, but i'll admit this monthly quest is kinda bs because in order to win you have to bait an sp2 and thats if he wants to throw it
  • I'm okay with not doing the event quest this month..
    But my question is, how do I fight a freakin darkhawk on a stun immune node in war?
  • This is the easiest UC in quite some time. I am sorry if some are struggling but I’m 100% with no unit’s or stash spent.

    The biggest and most important issue with this UC is the lag on darkhawk. Kabam did the right thing and allowed endless force closes without penalty cuz it’s in sane to think we have a chance to flee as fight starts with 3 second freezes and game crashes constantly.

    Kabam you MUST do a better job at testing your releases. How was it missed that the game/device completely cannot handle dark hawks movesets and buffs/animations? I feel like you knew it was a problem but you released anyway. Which you kinda have to do. But cmon... plan further out. Try harder. You make a lot of money. You should be and we deserve better.
  • Like @Dshu said, you only have to deal with the invisible mode once if you want to block/evade DH's L1. Pretty boring fight at that point. If you take him to L2 or throw a special you deal with the ghost mode and/or shield but you can make it a pretty straightforward regular fight if you want to.
  • For thorns path if you have Blade the bleeders are stupid easy. Just parry until bleed gets you a L2 and fire it off. Otherwise pacify helps if you hit them while they are stunned. I did the whole path in one go with no items needed.
  • Apart from the lag at the start (is that a confirmed bug btw?) there is a bit of an element of luck to this fight. I’ve 100% master and done 3 runs through UC, but if he doesn’t throw the sp2 straight away you’ve not got anywhere to go.

    2 of my UC fights were relatively straight forward but the other one and the last two master fights were a bit of a joke, he just wouldn’t throw the sp2 and then blasted me when I was against the wall and the attempted parry kept missing so I couldn’t even make my way out.

    It’s all good but it’s just frustrating when you genuinely have no control and are relying on AI behaviour to even let you get into the fight, so you’re not in control.

    Amen to that my friend.

    I've been clearing uncollected difficulty for months now and darkhawk is just annoying. Even after he throws that sp2, the wait time for that stealth to expire is a pain.

    I cleared him on master, it was good practice but very very annoying.
  • I really like the darkhawk fight, I like how it starts hard but as you get into it it’s more controllable, also in terms of energy this eq was fairly cheap, and I also like how it brings out champs left behind like the daredevils as interesting counters
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    For thorns path if you have Blade the bleeders are stupid easy. Just parry until bleed gets you a L2 and fire it off. Otherwise pacify helps if you hit them while they are stunned. I did the whole path in one go with no items needed.

    Um just trying to figure out how blades firing off his L2 killed iceman with bleed did you get different bullets for him? If so where can I find them. That said it was definitely doable and blades regen definitely helped negate thorns damage I did most of the thorns path the old fashioned way with wolverine you just can't beat his regen as a counter for thorns
  • Master mode dh is too just too much. I don’t think I’m going to bother finishing master this month as it’s just too damned frustrating.

    I expect this on Uncollected, but Master mode is just stupid hard. Big fail here Kabam.
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    use Hyperion for darkhawk his power gain sp3 rinse and repeat you wont be backed into a corner
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    I decided quite some time ago that I'm happy with exploring chapters 1 & 2 and only completing chapter 3 of UC each month.
    I might miss out on some 6* shards and a few other bits but I'm much less stressed with the game playing it this way.
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