Dark hawk

Start fight with 2 bars and unblockable
Kand of hard to fight him
Any tips?


  • There are more than a few vids on YouTube. Watch them
  • Use quake if you have one. Bait sp2 then just play normally
  • Drooped1Drooped1 Posts: 139
    Hela got him here goes

    Bait and avoid sp2.
    Parry heavy
    Fight slow in shield (blue icon)
    Once that's gone go balls deep but bait sp1s.

    Keep that method

    I mean my hela is an r5 5 star. But the method is solid just may be longer
  • JadedJaded Posts: 811
    Op, try using champs that benefit a lot of from heavy attacks. Like hypes or Corvus if you have. But basically anyone can work. Bait his sp2, parry -> heavy. Rinse and repeat. Bait out specials as required.

    Medusa will shut him down since he’s a robot.
  • ElGuapoElGuapo Posts: 3
    Lol. How do you Bait Specials when he is freaking Unblockable.
  • ElGuapoElGuapo Posts: 3
    Quake gets Destroyed by him!
  • boss0600boss0600 Posts: 67
    Dash back at the start of the fight. Do it until he launches his unblockable sp2

    Then parry him, attack 2-3 hits. Dash back parry rinse and repeat..

    I used sparky and or Killmonger
  • ChampioncriticChampioncritic Posts: 1,161
    ElGuapo wrote: »
    Lol. How do you Bait Specials when he is freaking Unblockable.

    he has sp2 bias, which works in your favor
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