Use awakening gem on 4* Ghost Rider?

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Yesterday I got a 4* Ghost Rider from a 4* Hero Crystal and I have a 4* Mystic Awakening Gem.I also have a 4* duped Blade.
Should I use the gem on Ghost Rider?

Use awakening gem on 4* Ghost Rider? 7 votes

Yes,use it.
Aayush2268DingaloVulcanMChampioncriticmrcyrcle 5 votes
No,wait for a Mystic champ like SW
Darth_Caedus1Prasanna 2 votes


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    Yes,use it.
    i used a generic on him when 12.0 came out and I have no regrets. he gets fury, but more importantly, he extends the time of the judgments, which, if you are using him for sustainability helps a lot with extending the duration of bleed and regen.
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