5.1 mil clan looking to retool our BG3

FFA - For Fun Alliance (it's only fun if you play to win.

It's on
150k+ players
Line app required
Weekly SA
Weekly donations:
50k gold -- 26k Battle chips -- 10k loyalty
Must join early and be active in AW and AQ.
We run AQ MAP 5 x4. Then one run of
Map 2 at the end.

Fails69 in-game name and line ID

We are a chill alliance that plays a lot.
Plenty of jokes and advice in our line chat rooms.


  • Fails69Fails69 Posts: 14
    I need 1 more from the Western Hemisphere time zones for BG1. That way I can pull one of BG1 memebere to BG3

  • Fails69Fails69 Posts: 14
    We don't have any arena requirement
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